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AHH Bean Bag Chairs
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Ahh...that bean bag is cool!

Here are some creative ways people are using our Ahh bean bag chairs with washable cover and water-repellent liners. Get some great ideas for your bean bags and HAVE FUN!

Send us your bean bag chairs ideas and help everyone get creative.

Some ideas have not been tested by AHH! Products, and we do not claim any untested benefits. Please use common sense.

 Pets really know how to use our bean bags!

Bean bag chairs are portable, comfortable, and easy to take care of if you have one of our washable ones.  That makes them perfect for college dorms.  Read more...

Feng Shui is the art of designing your living and working space to create optimal flow of Chi, or life-force. It can be quite complicated, but you can use bean bag chairs to create some good Feng Shui. Follow these basic Feng Shui rules. By placing certain color bean bags in certain areas of your space, you will increase the "good" Chi for the specified areas of your life.

Help in Career: put bean bag chairs with black or blue in the North

Help with Children: put bean bag chairs with white, gold, grey, or silver in the West

Increase Knowledge and Education: put bean bag chairs with beige or tan in the NorthEast

Help with Health and Family: put bean bag chairs with brown or green in the East

Help with Romance and Marriage: put bean bag chairs with yellow in the SouthWest

Help with Networking and Mentors: put bean bag chairs with white, gold, silver, or grey in the NorthWest

Increase Fame and Recognition: put bean bag chairs with red in the South

Increase Wealth: put bean bag chairs with green in the SouthEast

Replace ugly staircase-like ramps that take up too much space with a bean bag.  Use it as a stepping up/down pad for your old and small pets. Just place one or more bean bag chairs next to your bed or sofa to give your pets a boost up or a soft landing pad for jumping down. This helps prevent injury, especially when jumping from a high surface to a slippery hardwood floor.  Bean bags are easier to put away and hide than a ramp when it's not being used, just store in a closet.  Please do not encourage this type of use for children, though, they tend to be less careful than pets when jumping up and down on bean bags.  Of course, use caution and common sense with all uses of bean bags.

The perfect chair for playing games.  Bean bags are low to the floor and allow you to change position without having to get up.   Gamers can move around and actively play without falling off their chair.  Bean bag chairs get your child off the floor, and provide more structure than a a pillow.  Plus, they're easy to put away when not being used.

Some of our customers have reported that their occupational therapists suggested they use bean bags for their children with sensory integration problems. Children find bean bag chairs to be a safe, comforting place that they can call their own.  People in casts also benefit from bean bags by using them as soft, moldable supports.

Generally, animals love to nest.  Bean bag chairs provide the soft, moldability needed for pets to "dig out" a nest.  You know, when your pet starts to scratch around and turn in circles, he's making a nest.  Plus, with washable covers and water-repellant liners, your pet can drool and you won't have to worry!

Bean bag chairs can be propped up against a wall, bed, headboard, or sofa to provide more back support.  Great in bed watching TV or reading!

bean bag chairs can add a quick and simple touch of design to offices and homes. Ahh bean bag chairs are perfect for designing because they come in many prints, textures, colors, and sizes that will suit any decor.  Turn a boring child's room into a fun, quirky room with a whimisical print bean bag.  Turn a drab living room into a fancy one with a home decor print bean bag.  Turn an outdated family room into a more contemporary one with an urban print bean bag.  Pile coordinated colored bean bags into a playroom and turn it into an inviting kid heaven! 

Or, send us fabric and we'll custom make a bean bag that will perfectly match your home. A bean bag chair that matches your bed spread, throw pillows, and drapery - how fabulous!  Your home will be so upscale!

Have bean bag chairs stored away in a closet and pull them out when you have more guests than seats!  Wouldn't that be a fun surprise for everyone!  Pictionary or a board game on bean bags, how fun!

A professional party planner used our bean bags as table base supports at a black-tie gala! She placed clear glass rounds on top of the bean bag chairs, with the bean bags centered underneath.  Her guests were delighted in the innovative concept and how they could see the colored bean bags through the glass.  A champagne bottle was also placed in the center, nested between the bean bag and the glass.  Try that with your own twist, perhaps instead of a bottle it could be a toy or stuffed animal for kids.  Or, dried flowers.  Or a model airplane or car.

Change the cover of your bean bag to give it a fresh, new look. No need to have many bean bags, just update the one you have. All AHH bean bag styles can be purchased as a cover separately!  Surprise your family with "new" bean bags every year!  Make it a yearly tradition to treat the family!

Put a bean bag chair in bed to watch TV or read. Place it behind your back for more support than a regular pillow.  Bean bags are also more moldable, so you can adjust the chair to make it fit perfectly.

Combine mulitple bean bags to create a lounger. If your sofa is too small or uncomfortable, try this!  Plus, bean bags are more portable than a big sofa!

For more ideas, read about home design trends and how to decorate with neutrals.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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