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AHH Bean Bag Chairs
Choose the Right Size 

Ahh...That bean bag is just right!

4 Sizes Available


Tips on how to choose the right size bean bag for adults...

Tips on choosing the right size bean bag chair for kids...


27" wide small size
These 27 inch wide bean bag chairs are perfect for young children, like toddlers.  They can be easily pulled from room to room, wherever your little one decides he needs to sit.  We all like to call something our own, right?  So does your child!  Small size bean bags can also be great for smaller pets, or even to put your feet on while you are sitting on a larger bean bag.  And, in a pinch, they make super spur-of-the-moment seating that you can hide in the closet when not in use.  Or simply stack them!

 Small size with 3 year old

32" wide medium size
If the 27 inch small size is too small, but you just don't have the space for 37 inch bean bag chairs, then the 32 inch size might be just right.  We suggest these sizes for people less than 5 feet, especially if you don't have room for larger chairs.  However, if you have the room, a longer-term value would be the 37 inch size, which suits most kids and adults.

Medium Size with 5 year old

 37" wide large size
This is the size that most people get for kids and adults.  About 90% of our bean bags sold are in the 37" premium size.  It's about 3 feet wide, which suits most people.  If you are larger or want a super-roomy bean bag chair or want a couple kids to be able to share, you may want to check out our 52 inch giant size.

 37 inch large bean bag with 4 and 7 year olds  37 inch large bean bag with 8 year olds  37 inch large with 8 year old
37 inch large bean bag with 10 year old  37 inch large bean bag with 11 year old  37 inch large bean bag with 6 foot tall

 52" wide giant size
The 52 inch wide bean bag chairs are our largest size, over 4 feet wide.  They are great for adults and teenagers.  Our giant bean bags are also perfect if you want a couple kids to share.  Each one comes with a super large cover that is washable in your household machine, an inner liner that resists liquids, and of course filling. 

Please note that since these bean bags are so big, they have to ship in two boxes.  The first box holds the cover, and liner that is half-filled.  The second box holds the rest of the filling, which you add to your liner yourself.  It's not hard, just follow the instructions that come with your order.  Also, remember that our liners are child-resistant, and are opened using a paperclip.  View instructions and photos...

52 inch giant size with 3 year old  52 inch giant size with 5 year old  52 inch giant bean bag with 15 year old
52 inch giant bean bag with 5 foot tall woman  52 inch giant bean bag with 5 foot 10 inch man 

Compare the 37" and 52"
Can't decide between the 37" and the 52"? This might help...

37 inch wide Large Size
37" large partially fills 4x4 foot space.

52 inch Giant Size
52" giant completely fills 4x4 foot space.

37 inch versus 52
52" and 37" compared to guitar.

14" wide "Lil Me" Doll size
Perfect for 18 inch dolls, such as American Girl-size.  Also great for Teddy bears and other stuffed animals.  Read more...


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