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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


Below is PAGE 9 of the many fantastic comments we get about our service and our bean bag chairs. Rest assured that none of these testimonials are in any way faked!

Let us know if you have any comments to share!

We got 4 of your bean bags a year ago. Our basement flooded twice! All we did was wash the covers and they were fine.  The liner kept the filling dry! No mildewy smell at all! You can use that as a testimonial! -E.V.

Got it. It looks AWESOME! Thanks. -D.C.

My daughter loves it! Beautiful color purple, everything went well. Thanks! -D.M.

We got it, she loves her bean bag, thanks! -B.B.

Thank you for the bean bag chair - we love it and expect that our 3-year old will grow up in it ...  Thank you! -K.H.

Thanks so much for the personal service at the warehouse and the loan of the cocoa velvet covers. The terracotta and wine covers are perfect for my basement and provide the perfect "pop" in a palette of neutrals. I hope everyting is going well for you. Take care and I'll definitely try to send business your way. Thanks again, -J.C.

I recently purchased a bean bag from AHH Products.  I found your company on the internet and then talked to Lisa on the phone several times.  I explained to her that I am a firefighter and I wanted to take the bean bag to the firehouse.  She had several useful suggestions about the type of chair and how to save a couple of dollars on the shipping.  She was very helpful and friendly. I have had my bean bag for about a week and I can't bring myself to take it to the firehouse.  I want to keep it all to myself!  I plan to buy another one (the biggest that you have!) and I will have two - one to share and one just for me. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service and the products from your company. Thank you. -R.W.

Love the 37" - fits great! Thanks! -P.H.

Thanks so much - we love the bag we have already! -L.F.

Just got the beanbags -- they are beautiful! Classy and comfortable. :) -A.K.

Was wondering if you made matching footstools to go with the chairs! If not, can it be done, and how much would it cost. My son loves his [bean bag], even though it was going to be a Christmas present. A footstool in red denim to match would be great! Let us know. Thanks. -J.D.

Thanks for everything. I'm very excited about the chairs. Never had one as a kid - now I'm going to use them all over my cabin down in the Shenendoahs. They'll be perfect. -A.L.

I love the bean bag, I want to order another  one! -H.M.

We've really enjoyed these bean bag chairs! Last year I panicked looking for bean bags, then came across your site. They've  held up great, I'm ordering another cover because my daughter is redecorating. Thanks! -K.D.

I did receive it, and it's great!!  It's awesome! Thanks for following up.  -B.M.

We got our 2 fleece bean bags November 2003, they haven't pilled and have held up great! We love them, we love sitting in them by the fire with the kids! -K.R.

I received my 2 bean bag chairs yesterday.  They both look very nice and I am very pleased. -M.L.

Dear AHH Products, The Fed Ex truck pulled into our driveway late in the business day on Christmas Eve, so we were really thankful it arrived on time.  That bean bag chair is by far, the nicest, most well made one I have ever seen, and my son (and everyone else in the family) loves it!  Thanks again for all your assistance. Sincerely, -L.B.
Have really enjoyed our bean bag with our kids. Thank you! -C.S.
Thanks for your help!  I bought beanbag chairs from you last year for my niece and nephew and they are VERY happy with the quality!! -M.S.
Just to let you know I completed purchase of the liner and filler over the phone yesterday with one of your very helpful reps. I want to thank you again for your consistent and patient help in all of this! You have
made my 6 year-old a very happy lad indeed! Best regards, -L.M.
Many thanks. WOw that was efficient! -shopper
We all *love* our Ahh! Products beanbags. Our 17 year old arthritic cat turned up his nose at an electric cat
heating pad, and settled as usual on the beanbag. We're returning the heating pad and will save our $$$ for another beanbag. warmly, -A.K.
I bought a bean bag chair for my grandson in 2003 and he wants another one for his friends to play video games on. -J.M.
We love it, the kids love it, the family piles onto it (52" bean bag chair)! -M.Z.
Thank you - it arrived this morning after I sent the e-mail - it's great! -J.L.
Hi, Thank you so much for such great customer service!  I would like a velvet cover in eggplant, please.  If that's unavailable, the next choice would be purple, slate blue, then navy blue. I would also like to order a small refill of the virgin beads.  I almost didn't call you guys about the cover because it had been so
long.  I was going through cancer treatment and then we moved and it just got pushed off repeatedly until yesterday.  I thought "what's the worse thing that can happen? - you laugh and say no!  So, thank
you very much.  It means a lot to me and my son.  He'll be happy to have a nice, soft cover! Thank you very, very much! -M.K.
I got my bean bag chair for my husband's birthday, I love it! Thank you for getting it here on time! It's wonderful! Thank you again. I'm sure I'll be ordering again, it's perfect in my living room! It's beautiful, I appreciate it. -C.N.
Delivered bean bag chair custom made with my hand dyed fabrics to customer. She was very pleased!! I am too!! Zipper matched two blues just fine.Thanks much for all your help. -P.K.
I ordered 2 bean bag chairs a couple of years ago, which I love...I'd like to order another one! -C.C.
I am looking for a cotton cover for a 37" premium bag I purchased from you a couple of years ago (this bean bag is such a hit around here.)  Thanks!  :) -Returning Shopper
Good morning. Both Bean bags were sitting on my front porch when I got home from work. They arrived in excellent condition and are very comfortable. Sorry for not being patient. I was very excited to receive them.
Have a wonderful day, -R.R.
Thank you very much.  You were very helpful and I appreciate everything you have done. I am sure I will be a continued customer. -J.D.
Hello! We received the bean bags and they are wonderful - the nicest quality bean bags I've ever seen! My students are fighting over them already! Thank you so much. Sincerely, -K.C., Third Grade Teacher
Greetings, We are very happy with our order! As first-time customers, we are very impressed with the comfort and quality. Just wanted to show you how happy the girls are... Thanks, -T.B.
Thank you for such a  hassle free exchange. Pleasure doing business with you. -P.T.
We have 4 your wonderful bean bags and we need lots of reground refill. I would like to order 2 orders of 8 cubic feet reground refill and I would like to get the customer discount. Thank you. Sincerely, -M.S.
We like the bean bag a lot.  Thanks! -L.V.
I am  so happy with the beanbags you sent me. -A.K.
I just got the chocolate pony fur bean bag and I love it!  I bought a bean bag from someone else also and yours is so much better in comparison! If I know of anyone in the market for a bean bag, I'll be sending them to you! - Holiday Shopper, 2005.
Our children love the chairs.....great quality and I will spread the word. -R.K.
Thanks - got it last night after I sent the email. Looks great! - M.H.
Good service. -F.J.
The chairs arrived in time for Christmas and boy were they a big hit. The twins used them to watch movies for the next 3 days.  They are comfortable and will last them into their teenage years. I'm so glad I found your website. Thanks, -B.C.
Got the chair (it's beautiful) just after speaking with on the phone. Can't tell you how thrilled we are with it and how you went the extra distance in making sure the delivery went well even though it was out of your hands. Have a great holiday. Olivia (9) is gonna dig that bean bag. Thanks so much to everyone who made it happen. Ahh! -S.G.
Thank you very much.  We've already used your bean bags at our cousins and loved them! Have a wonderful holiday. -V.M.

I was specifically looking for a bean bag with a REMOVEABLE WASHABLE cover. Other sites don't mention if this is possible or not so I assume it's not  and order from you. Great job on your site and products. The prices are competative too. I will be back for filling and a new cover when this bag gets old! -Happy Shopper

Hi there...Happy New Year!! I talked to you a few times in Dec re: my 52 " spearmint bag which we LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! -E.K

We love our 52" Painted Daisies bean bag! (they ordered another 52" bean bag and a 52" cover) -L.B.

Thank you! Unbelievably fast delivery! Your giant box is sitting in our living room waiting to be opened. Thanks again for your great customer service. Hope to order again in the future. You guys have great customer service and communications. There are only a handful of sites that are so responsive. What a difference it makes for your customers. Thanks for that! -J.E

Thank you for helping me select my order today (2/25/06)! I didn't catch your name, but I appreciate your direction in choosing the right bean bag for my grandchild & me! I can't wait for its delivery! -C.G.

Hello! I have one of your premium sized bean bags and just love it!  Can I get a price for a Fall Floral Premium sized cover plus shipping please. Thanks! -returning customer

My cat and dog have taken over my favorite seat in the house (she emailed us a photo). -N.B.

My daughter loves the smaller one that we bought earlier in the year. Thanks, -D.C. (they got another larger one after the first one)

Hi--thanks again for the special attention regarding my missing check. I appreciated the phone call from you that it finally arrived. We received the bean bag chair yesterday--its great! Thanks again, -S.S.

Hi! I am greatly enjoying my Ahh bean bag. Thanks! -C.R.

We live in our bean bag chairs, they've lasted so long! -L.L.

My sister wants a bean bag, I told her she HAS to get one from AHH Products! L.E.

My daughter received a wonderful bean bag from "Santa" for Christmas last year. Thank you, -C.D.

We love the way they look and feel! -A.P.

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