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AHH Bean Bag Chairs
10 Year Warranty

Ahh...That bean bag is durable!


  • 10 year warranty on both covers and liners (other companies only warrant their covers - read their fine print!)*

  • Warrants manufacturer and material defect, including seams, fabric, zippers

  • Shipping costs covered to and from original ship-to address*

  • Excludes deflated filling (see refill discount)

  • Includes defects of our original product only, please do not alter

  • Highly unlikely you will use the warranty!

    *personalization embroidery covered for 1 year
    *"Lil Me" doll-size covered for 1 year
    *covers residential use, commercial use on case-by-case basis
    *contiguous USA only
    *limit 1 replacement/repair per product


"Hello! I bought one of your bean bags back in 2003 and it's still going strong. Everyone loves it! Our kids body surf on it (with supervision, of course!), my husband loves it & I think it's warm and cosy. Now we need another one, so I can put one in each of our kids rooms." -K.H.

"I bought a bean bag from another '10-year-warranty' company, and my liner broke and is leaking. I called them, but they said they couldn't find me in their system, and since I didn't have my receipt, they wouldn't cover me! I need to buy one of your liners now." - P.S.

Our bean bag chairs (both the water-repellent liners and covers) are under warranty for 10 years* from the order date. *Personalizations are covered for 1 year (the cover itself is covered for 10).  Don't worry, although we cap our warranty at 10 years for administrative reasons, our bean bags will last much longer! We've sold bean bags since 1998, and those sold in 1998 are still in use!

We know because customers actually contact us and let us know.  Our experience is that if you make a great product that lasts a long time, people are so pleasantly surprised that they feel they need to thank you.  And we greatly appreciate people taking the time to comment, since everyone is so busy nowadays!

Under normal and non-commercial intended use, if our product fails due to our manufacturing or material defect, just contact us and we'll fix it, send you a replacement, or refund your purchase price (at our discretion). We even pay for shipping costs both ways, since it's not your fault! If you move, we will probably still cover it, but if you move to Alaska, France, etc., we may not.

For commericial end-use, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.  We are all about honesty and product quality, so if it's a problem that we agree should not have occurred, we will cover you!  We just have to reserve the right to not honor the warranty since sometimes commerical use can become too abusive for what our bean bag chairs are intended for.

We may ask you to ship us the damaged item at our expense to see if any product improvement can be made.

Warranty does not cover compressed filling (no bean bag companies cover this), but we offer discounts on filling to Ahh bean bag owners. We believe we're the only company that offers this discount!

Warranty void if product is not repaired by us, is abused, altered, accidentally damaged, not used as intended, or care instructions are not followed (refer to info found on this site, on your packing slip, and on care tags sewn on your bean bag cover). Material is not covered if supplied by customer. Warranty does not cover free promotional items.  We will cover costs on our original product only.   One replacement per item limit, unless approved in advance by us (example: 1 cover per bean bag, 1 liner per bean bag).

You may be thinking...Why is the warranty only 10 years if Ahh bean bags last for years and years and years?  To be totally honest, we don't want to keep records of orders for a lifetime.

We asked current customers if they wanted us to extend our warranty and if it would make a difference for them to have a longer warranty, here's what we heard...

A sampling of replies:

Extending your warrantee would not affect any subsequent purchases I might make. (1) If it's gonna break, it'll do it within two years. (2) It's not gonna break! Thanks for asking, -D.H.

You have a well made product. 10 years would be a nice addition but I would still buy again from your company if you don't change the warranty. You have taken care of my needs well. Thank You -J.S.

I know your bean bags lasts for a long time. -D.M.

No you don't need to extend the warranty, yours are the best! -C.P.

Since I already have experience with your company, which was excellent by the way, then honestly, no, it wouldn't make a difference. -M.K.

No. You make a fine product. Warranty is not an issue. -D.C.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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