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AHH! Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Huge Selection of Kids Bean Bag Chairs!

Ahh...Our bean bags hold up to your kids!

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Ahh! Products vs. Your Crazy Kids! from Ahh Products on Vimeo.

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*Recommended age is 3 years and up.
We know that children are not exactly gentle when they play, in fact, they are crazy!  So, we have built super strength and quality into our products.   In fact, all of our bean bags are covered by a fantastic 10 year warranty so you don't have to worry about them falling apart like with other companies.  The warranty includes our covers and liners!  If a seam breaks, if a zipper stops working, or if anything happens that's covered, we will take care of you right away.  But, don't worry, we hardly ever have any issues! 




Speaking of liners, unlike other companies, our liners are water-repellent and extremely durable.  No more leaking filling, no more thin or cheap liners, no more headaches!

Also, don't forget, the liner zipper is child-resistant and locks.  It is not broken, please do not pry it open!  To open it, use a paperclip and insert a straightened out leg into the zipper head (there's a hold on the side of the zipper).  This creates a zipper pull tab, which when pulled on, releases a tiny tension bar inside the zipper head so the zipper can unzip!  After you're done, please remember to zip the liner closed completely and remove the paperclip.  See photos of how to open our liners here...

How do you wash the cover?  Just unzip it and throw it in your regular washing machine so you know your children are enjoying a clean bean bag year after year.  To put the cover back on, don't force the big puffy liner in.  That may rip the cover!  Just "nudge" it in like a tight pillow case, pushing on it as if you're nudging the filling inside.  Do one section, then turn the bean bag around a little and nudge another section in.  Keep doing this until you've got about half to 2/3s inside the cover, then shake the rest in.  The liner will want to go inside the cover at this point thanks to gravity.  Give us a call if you want us to help you while you do this.  Be careful not to rip the fabric corners where the zipper ends are.



CLICK to SHOP ALL BEAN BAGS (kids, adults, pets, & dolls)


A special note about kids with ADD/ADHD, autism, and sensory disorders... You may have a child somewhere on the spectrum, or perhaps focusing for him is difficult for other reasons?  Did you know that bean bag chairs can actually help?  Unlike rigid furniture, kids are able to move around in bean bag furniture and sit or lay down in various positions as they get fidgety.  This enables youngsters to stay focused on the task at hand, such as reading or studying.  Read more here...

"We bought your giant bean bag for our daughter years ago who has severe ADHD and other learning disabilities including autism and we absolutely love it!  It's really been a life saver for us to get her focus and help her to learn - she can wiggle around in it and doesn't have to sit still.  Thanks, C.E."

"Yours are the only ones that hold up to our kids!" -Vermont Psychiatric Center

"Our daughter is in a spica cast, I'm a pediatric nurse and it's been so frustrating to find a product for her. Pillows only do so much, and the bean bags for kids in the stores don't work. Yours is a life saver, I think I'd cry without it." -Grateful Mom

"Greetings, We are very happy with our order!  As first-time customers, we are very impressed with the comfort and quality.  Just wanted to show you how happy the girls are... Thanks" -Trish

"Honey, they're great! My grandkids have used & abused them.  I've watched them play and they are tough on the bean bags - running and jumping into them - but your bean bags are tougher!  We always come back to you and I've got more grandkids on the way!" -Fran

"I ordered one for my 5 year old for Christmas and we love it! I will order one for my 8 year old, too!" -S.V.

"Thank you so much, the kids love their beanbag chairs - and so does a frantic mom and dad of twins!" -D.M.

"They are a GREAT BIG HIT, they are for my two grandkids. Thanks for the fine work you did." -S.S.

"I am a big fan and have 3 of them that the kids have loved for a long time. Ahhhh"! -J.I.

"My child got red ink all over his velvet chair, but it ALL came out in one wash!" -D.L.


Here are a few sample styles for girls and boys, click for more!

kids-bean-bag-chairs-tie-dye.jpg kids-bean-bag-chairs-organic-cotton.jpg kids-bean-bag-chair-cuddle-soft.jpg
bean-bag-chairs-for-kids-hot-rod.jpg bean-bag-chairs-for-kids-bubbly-watermelon.jpg kids-bean-bag-chair-camouflage.jpg


CLICK to SHOP ALL BEAN BAGS (kids, adults, pets, & dolls)


We custom-made this Puffle bean bag chair for a very happy little girl!

Puffle bean bag chair custom-made by Ahh! Products

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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