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What's in for Bean Bag Chairs

Ahh...That bean bag is hot!

Ahh bean bag chairs are the perfect decorating accessory.  With a bean bag or 2, you can add color and texture to easily update a room.  You can create a room filled with various sized bean bag chairs, in complementing colors and styles, to make a boring room come alive with excitement and an air of fun.  Or, if your room is already brightly colored, add neutral bean bags that add comfort without adding more flash.

The current trends in home furnishing include combinations of color, style, texture, and functional design.  By using Ahh bean bag chairs, you can easily get your home's decor up-to-date.  Plus, when your mood or fashion swings one way or another, simply change your cover for a different one since all of our bean bags have removable covers!

The trend for color is turning to softer red, yellow, and orangeBlue, green, aqua, purple, and pink are still popular in both vibrant and subtle tones.  Brown and tan are used to tone down splashes of color to create drama. 

Try soft yellow jean, or muted terracotta velvet bean bag chairs.  Combine them with aqua cotton, sky fleece, slate velvet, or pink fleece for a more subtle mix of bean bags.  Or, pair cocoa velvet, cocoa faux suede, or dark brown cotton with bright orange velvet, purple velvet, or hot pink fleece for a vibrant mix.

Combining traditional and casual, or traditional and modern is hot.  To create a classic style with a casual twist, try a bean bag chair with a traditional print paired with a casual bean bag chair like denim.  For a classic style with a touch of modern, try mixing a traditional print bean bag with a sleek velvet.  Or, a traditional faux suede with a modern print bean bag.  Remember that the colors in the prints and solids should complement each other.

For traditional and casual, try a tan chenille cotton bean bag chair with a denim bean bag.  Or, a sensational stripes with a cotton solid twill bean bag.

For traditional and modern, try a zen bean bag chair with a sleek black velvet bean bag.  Or, a faux suede with a zebra Fur bean bag.

There is no steadfast rule about texture these days.  There is no right or wrong texture, and mixing is hot.  When mixing textures, though, we like to match the texture family.  We like short fur bean bag chairs with cuddle soft bean bags.  We wouldn't recommend mixing fur with fleece.  But, again, texture is in the "hand of the beholder" - if you like it, go for it!

Functional Design
We want our decor to be beautiful and have the "wow" factor, but let's face it - if it looks great but isn't comfortable, there's no point.  Furniture needs to be practical and stylish.  You need to be able to easily clean, and when possible, to easily move items to go with everyday living.  Ahh bean bag chair furniture fits the bill in every way.  Zip off the cover and throw it in the washing machine.  Pick it up and move it anywhere you need extra seating (or in the closet when you don't).  Plus more colors, styles, and textures than any other bean bag chairs in the world!

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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