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AHH Bean Bag Chairs
How They're Made

Ahh...That bean bag is well-made!

Ahh bean bag chairs come with three parts: a Cover, a Liner, and Filling. Together, they make very comfy round (not ugly pear-shaped) bean bag chairs.  Our round bean bags are preferred by decorators and designers worldwide.


Covers are the "outer" shell of Ahh bean bags. They are handmade in the USA and double-stitched with quality materials for exceptional beauty and long life.  We use top quality thread, fabrics, and zippers.

Unlike other bean bags, ours are sewn like a baseball. Other bean bags use many panels and look like an orange with sections. It's much cheaper to make a paneled bean bag chair, but this style shows more seams and doesn't look nice. Our seams, on the other hand, are hidden and look more "finished".

Note: paneled bean bags are egg-shaped, that's why they have 3 measurements (width, depth, height). Our round shape has a simple diameter measurement.

Bean bag covers come in many different materials and colors, so you can match them to your taste and lifestyle. Covers can be zipped-off completely for washing in your household washing machine and for changing whenever the mood strikes you.  You can purchase covers separately for any of our styles.  Learn how to put covers back on after you wash it...


Liners hold the filling, allowing the cover to be removed and washed.  They are handmade and double-stitched.  They simply won't break.  We use an extremely strong, water-repellent microfiber - water beads right up! Other bean bag chairs use cheap, thin cotton or poly/cotton liners. What if you spill a drink on your bean bag chair and it soaks right through to the filling? What's the point of a washable cover if the inside is sticky and stinky (or worse, mildewy)?  And what a mess when they break!

All liners have a self-locking, child-resistant zipper that makes refilling easier, but keeps your child out of the filling. You can buy bean bag liners separately, too.

People even like the way the liner looks & feels, so when you're washing your cover, you still have a nice bean bag!  Read more about liners, like how to unzip the child-resistant zipper...


The filling is polystyrene (better known as styrofoamTM).  This is the traditional filling for bean bag chairs, and it makes our bean bags feel the way you'd expect a bean bag to feel.  It conforms to your body, while still providing enough structure to hold you up. Wondering about our bean bag chair filler compared to the shredded couch-foam filling found in "sacks"?...We've been told that the foam filled chairs are really hard to "re-fluff" and are too "pillow-y".  This means you have a compacted chair with no support! Read more about why we choose styrofoam over shredded cushion foam...

From one of many customers: "Our shredded-foam-filled beanbags are impossible to refluff and we had the small size one! What a stupid product! We replaced them with your filling and love it!" -L.M.

We offer 2 kinds of fill: reground pellets and virgin bead.  Reground is more Earth-friendly since we are re-purposing brand new filling that has already been made but not used yet. We keep it out of landfills.  Read about reground versus virgin refill here...

*If you're wondering about flame retardants in our products:

Per California TB117-2013, our products manufactured after December 31, 2014 have law labels that read:

“The upholstery materials in this product:

__X_contain added flame retardant chemicals

____contain NO added flame retardant chemicals

The State of California has updated the flammability standard and determined that the fire safety requirements for this product can be met without adding flame retardant chemicals. The state has identified many flame retardant chemicals as being known to, or strongly suspected of, adversely impacting human health or development.”

*TB117-2013 requires that: "Manufacturers must mark an “X” next to the applicable statement. For the purposes of the disclosure, a product contains added flame retardant chemicals if the chemical is present in amounts above 1,000 parts per million."

Although some filling we get from our suppliers has a flame retardant amount LESS THAN 1,000 parts per million, we feel it's totally misleading to check the box that says "contain NO added flame retardant chemicals".  Because it does have a flame retardant!  That word "added" is confusing to the average consumer.

To be more clear, as with all bean bag companies, to comply with CA TB117-2013, products manufactured after 12/31/14 must be labeled a certain way.  This makes them compliant.  It is not required that they are flame retardant free.  To our knowledge, all bean bags (not just ours) that are filled with polystyrene (styrofoam) will have flame retardants to some degree.  CA TB117-2013 specifies parameters on how to label your bean bag, not that it doesn't have any FRs.  Ahh! Products errs on the side of caution and labels products produced in 2015 and later to disclose that we DO have flame retardants, even if we could potentially select the TB 117-2013 option that we do NOT have "added" flame retardants because the flame retardant amount on some of our filling is below a certain threshold. 

CA TB117-2013 can be misleading and some companies are taking advantage of the confusing wording.  Please contact us directly for more information - we are happy to answer with complete honesty!  If someone tells you their polystyrene does not have ANY flame retardants, you should question them thoroughly.

Remember, our covers and liners do NOT have flame retardants (except as clearly noted like our FR vinyl).

Bonus: customers with Ahh bean bags get discounts on filler!


All bean bag chairs are upholstered furniture, which also fall into a special category because they are filled.  As such, all bean bags are legally required to include labels with information about the manufacturer (name, address, Uniform Registry Number) and what the filling is.  In most cases, it should also include flammability information.  With this information, consumers are safer.  Especially because children often use bean bag chairs, it is vital that you know what is inside, if it meets US flammability standards, and who to contact if you have problems.

Manufacturers that stand behind their products will have this label for all to see.

Recommended age is 3 and up.

You don't have to buy cheap bean bag chairs to get a good deal.  Take advantage of our specials page instead to get a top quality bean bag chair for a fantastic price.  Our quality will give you the best value in the long run!

AHH! Products...
because bean bag safety IS important.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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