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AHH! Bean Bag Products
Why Us?

"I just love my bean bag! I lay on it and can read to my kids. I had one from another company and hated it - I love yours!" -Gina, Roswell, GA

"I love my Ahhhh bean bag! Just got it and you know, it's just hard to buy things on the internet without feeling it, so I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I am that it's so perrrfect! So, have a great day and I'll definitely pass on the word about Ahh Products! Thanks" -M.M.

NBC's 'Live with Aaron & Kelly' Review
*Watch the end - it's hilarious!*

The ORIGINAL bean bag chairs with washable covers PLUS water-repel liners.

AHH! Products offers superior quality, comfort, and style.  Our bean bag furniture will last a very long time, all backed by a 10 year warranty.  We provide excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale.  We know our customers keep us going and treat everyone with honesty and care.  We truly want to help you find the right product.

Bean bag chairs have always been around, but there has been an explosion of companies that have sprung up in the last few years.  We are perhaps the most experienced and knowledgeable because we have been in business since 1998.  We are the first and still the only to offer our special microfiber liners that are unbreakable, water and stain-resistant.  The first and still the best in offering the most fabric styles with a focus on interior decorating.  The first to offer free fabric samples and a buyers checklist to help shoppers pick the right chair.  The first to provide detailed product information so that you know what you are buying, we don't hide anything.

No one offers better quality with as many styles, because we design, manufacture, and exclusively sell our own products.  Because we control our quality from start to finish, we are able to ship top-notch products to your door usually in 1-5 business days.  Even personalized items only take a few days longer.

All of our chairs come with everything you need.  You get your choice of a beautiful cover that is easily removed and washed in your regular household machine.  You also get an extremely strong inner liner that holds the filling.  Finally, you get your choice of filling that won't leak because our covers and liners won't break.  Unfortunately, other companies' products are notorious for leaking filling because many are not strong enough to withstand years of use.  The great news is ours will stay strong for years under all kinds of use.  That's why we can offer a 10 year warranty on our furniture.  You can find our products in libraries, hospitals, day cares, schools, model homes, and even the homes of many celebrities who can be very demanding.  This puts us way ahead of the pack!

Our products comply with U.S. flammability and other essential safety standards.  Since they are used by children, teens, adults, and even pets, it is important that they not only last a long time, but are safe to use.  Our liner zippers are child-resistant to keep children out of the filling.  Our covers, liners, and filling have been tested by certified laboratories to ensure that our chairs meet U.S. standards.

As an extra safety feature, we label our products with safety information as required by law.  This gives our products a very important advantage over most others.

Our styles look and feel great!  Professional, celebrity, and do-it-yourself interior designers come to us because AhhProds.com has a huge selection of bean bag chairs for kids and adults.  We have solid colors and prints in denim, cotton, fleece, "cuddle soft", corduroy, velvet, faux suede, faux fur, and home decorator fabrics.  We offer 4 in-stock sizes from small to giant.  We have cars, tie dye, planes, space ships, sports, "boy" colors, and more for boys.  We have puppies, hearts, horses, flowers, rainbows, all sorts of pink and "girl" colors for girls.  We have pretty country styles, hip urban styles, exotic animal furs, fun colorful styles, practical styles, styles for men, and styles for women.  We can even custom-make one with a cover made with your own fabric.

As one of the longest-lasting and most-beloved companies in the world, we're the leaders in innovation and service.  Many continue to try to copy us, but you won't find anyone like us anywhere else...this is "as good as it gets".  Our ever-growing, loyal customer base says it all.  So much repeat business is the best testimonial we could have hoped for.  We understand that buying just one product online can be scary because you cannot try it out, so when a customer comes back for more, it's like getting a huge pat on the back.  We'll keep up the good work for as long as you want us!

A word about flame retardants:

Per California TB117-2013, our products manufactured after December 31, 2014 have law labels that read:

“The upholstery materials in this product:

__X_contain added flame retardant chemicals

____contain NO added flame retardant chemicals

The State of California has updated the flammability standard and determined that the fire safety requirements for this product can be met without adding flame retardant chemicals. The state has identified many flame retardant chemicals as being known to, or strongly suspected of, adversely impacting human health or development.”

*TB117-2013 requires that: "Manufacturers must mark an “X” next to the applicable statement. For the purposes of the disclosure, a product contains added flame retardant chemicals if the chemical is present in amounts above 1,000 parts per million."

Although some filling we get from our suppliers has a flame retardant amount LESS THAN 1,000 parts per million, we feel it's totally misleading to check the box that says "contain NO added flame retardant chemicals".  Because it does have a flame retardant!  That word "added" is confusing to the average consumer.

To be more clear, as with all bean bag companies, to comply with CA TB117-2013, products manufactured after 12/31/14 must be labeled a certain way.  This makes them compliant.  It is not required that they are flame retardant free. CA TB117-2013 specifies parameters on how to label your bean bag, not that it doesn't have any FRs.  Ahh! Products errs on the side of caution and labels products produced in 2015 and later to disclose that we DO have flame retardants, even if we could potentially select the TB 117-2013 option that we do NOT have "added" flame retardants because the flame retardant amount on some of our filling is below a certain threshold. 

CA TB117-2013 can be misleading and some companies are taking advantage of the confusing wording.  Please contact us directly for more information - we are happy to answer with complete honesty!  If someone tells you their polystyrene does not have ANY flame retardants, you should question them thoroughly.

*Unfilled bean bags (cover and liner only), separate covers, and separate liners do not have this tag because it does not apply (except our fire retardant covers). Since we are not supplying your filling in these cases, the labeling does not apply. 

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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