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Designing with Bean Bags
Go Neutral

Ahh...that bean bag soothes me!

The great thing about designing with Ahh bean bag chairs is that they are versatile not only in practical use, but also in color.  The first thing that comes to mind when you think of bean bags and color is eye-popping, candy shades like hot reds, bright blues, sunny oranges.  You're imagining kids' romper rooms right?  Yes, bean bags are super for playrooms, but let's open our minds to the idea of bean bag chairs as high-end, upscale furniture!  Think interior design.

One of the best color palettes in interior design is the neutral palette.  Neutral colors provide not only a foundation for accents of brighter, saturated colors, but also offer a calm haven for the visitor.  Rooms that are mainly neutral are calming and offer a feeling of serenity. 

Your interior design also has a clean, more current look.

We're not talking about a stark-white room, or one that looks like it was draped in a drab burlap bag.  You can play with different shades of neutrals and a variety of textures, with a few accent pieces in brighter or eye-catching colors.

How do you do this with bean bag chairs?  Of course, you can start with a neutral room, say the walls are a nice shade of beige and the major pieces of furniture (sofa, club chair, etc.) are a shade of taupe.  Drop in a couple Ahh bean bag chairs like our Microfibre Velvet in marigold and terracotta, and you've added some accent pieces that pop.

Now, let's get really serious with our neutral palette.  You can start with walls that have a whisper of color, perhaps a tan that has a hint of warm gold.  The sofa set is in classic brown leather and the beautiful hardwood floors are in golden oak to pick up the warmth of the walls.  Your Ahh bean bag chairs can add splashes of interest by adding texture and shades of brown.  Try our Faux Suede in cocoa or tan.  Even in our dark olive, which although it is green, it is a calming shade.  This would be a great way to create a rustic, casual room.  Very inviting!  Go ahead and add small accent pieces to this wonderful neutral room (a few throw pillows in bold patterns or a favorite lap blanket casually draped over a bean bag)!

Want to venture off into contemporary design?  Use a monochrome palette of neutral browns and off-whites on the walls, furniture, and floor covering.  Then, add Ahh bean bag chairs like our clean, simple Cotton Twills in solid colors like taupe and natural.  If you want a warmer feel, try a Corduroy bean bag chair in golden tan or a Fleece bean bag in camel.  If you're adventurous and want a design in a neutral palette, try Delightful Dots in golden tan or Uptown in cream.

It's important to highlight that you don't have to stick to browns to stay neutral.  Ahh bean bag chairs come in non-brown colors that are very calming and "mature".   These include our Microfibre Velvets in olive and light gray, and our fleece in olive and gray.

So, you get the idea.  Choose your palette wisely, throw in a dash of Ahh bean bag chairs, and you can have a neutral room that's updated and relaxes the eye and soul.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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