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All About
AHH Bean Bag Chairs

Ahh...That bean bag is comfy!



"Since we got our chair there's been a butt in it.  We love it, it's beautiful!" -M.D.

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General Information

Ahh! bean bag chairs are the original bean bags with washable covers plus "DWR"water-repellent microfiber liners. Our bean bags have been tried and true since 1998 with this original technology!

DWR stands for "Durable Water Repellency", liquid beads up on our liners and rolls off.  *Note liners are not waterproof, if liquid is rubbed in or stays to long, it can get through.

Our bean bags come in more sizes, colors, textures, and prints than anywhere else for kids, adults, and pets. We make our bean bags ourselves locally in Virginia, so you're buying "direct from the factory".

You cannot purchase our bean bag products from anyone but us.  Lots of stores ask us if they can sell our bean bags, but we decided not to so that the quality of products and customer service is under our control. This means that we can make sure your experience with us is the best before the sale, during the sale, and in the future after the sale! We take this very seriously, read our testimonials!

Our bean bag chairs are extremely high quality, durable, and will last for years. We've seen other companies say that their bean bags are the "highest quality and most durable" available, but we wonder how they can say this...they have never done tests comparing with ours!

For example, our liners are made of a light-weight, super-strong, water-repellent microfiber ("weatherproof" jackets are often made of this material). We are the first and only to offer this type of liner and have been getting rave reviews since 1998.  How can other bean bags with thin, cotton, non-water-repel liners be more durable?

We've even had people call to order our liners separately after the thin liner that came with another company's bean bag fell apart! 

We pride ourselves on friendly and honest service.  We will help you decide if our bean bag products fit your needs, even if it means recommending another company.

 If you're wondering about flame retardants in our FILLED products:

Per California TB117-2013, our products manufactured after December 31, 2014 have law labels that read:

“The upholstery materials in this product:

__X_contain added flame retardant chemicals

____contain NO added flame retardant chemicals

The State of California has updated the flammability standard and determined that the fire safety requirements for this product can be met without adding flame retardant chemicals. The state has identified many flame retardant chemicals as being known to, or strongly suspected of, adversely impacting human health or development.”

TB117-2013 requires that: "Manufacturers must mark an “X” next to the applicable statement. For the purposes of the disclosure, a product contains added flame retardant chemicals if the chemical is present in amounts above 1,000 parts per million."

Although some filling we get from our suppliers has a flame retardant amount LESS THAN 1,000 parts per million, we feel it's totally misleading to check the box that says "contain NO added flame retardant chemicals".  Because it does have a flame retardant!  That word "added" is confusing to the average consumer.

UNFILLED bean bags (cover and liner only), separate covers, and separate liners may not have this tag because it does not apply. Only filled bean bags require this tag.

 *In an effort of full disclosure, please note that we assemble all of our bean bags in Virginia.  We manufacture most of our products in Virginia.  However, as with most, if not all bean bag chairs on the market, some parts may originate overseas.  For example, some of our liners are manufactured overseas, but with the same quality standards (which are made in Virginia).  Also, we purchase fabrics from USA companies, but they may have purchased it from overseas.  It is difficult if not impossible to ensure everything is 100% USA-made nowadays with such an open international marketplace.  Please contact us with any questions.  The difference between us and other companies?... others buy everything from overseas and are just reselling those products at a mark up.

"My son has Autism. I bought one of your large bean bags 6 years ago and to this day, it is still one of his most beloved items. Thank you!" -R.R. 


Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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