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Top 25 College Student Dorm Room Supplies

Posted on Thursday, 19 August 2010

Just a few more days and it's back to school for college students!  And for many college freshmen, it's goodbye to home-sweet-home, hello dorm room.  It's a transition that doesn't have to be crazy stressful if you take a little of home with you.  In a survey of ex- college freshmen, everyone agreed on 25 supplies that will make living in a dorm room more comfortable and fun.

The first days for college freshmen in a new dorm environment are awkward and sometimes lonely.  The perfect icebreaker to meet fellow students in the same boat is the yummy smell of food and the siren calls of people having fun!

1. To this end, bring a microwave and lots of popcorn.  Who will be able to resist you?
2. Pair that with a DVD player, and if your room is big enough, a TV.  If not, a portable DVD player.  Bring favorite movies, and even home movies for when you are homesick or want to show your fellow students how goofy your little brother is.
3. Don't forget an IPod or similar device with speakers to really pump up the good times.  Speakers do double-duty for your computer or laptop too.
4. A game system like Nintendo is great to get guys and gals together.
5. Likewise, a deck of cards and other games like Cranium are fantastic ways to bond.
6. If there's space in the dorm room, a mini-fridge keeps drinks, leftovers (think pizza), and fruit fresh, so you can properly entertain!
7. An electric kettle to boil water for ramen noodles, tea, hot chocolate.
8. You'll need bowls, cups, and utensils too.
9. And a can opener.  You get the idea.  The way to students' hearts is through the stomach.

With all those college students clamoring to hang out with you, you'll need extra seating.

10. Bean Bag Chairs are perfect since they can be stowed away in the closet, or under the bed, or stacked in the corner.  Make sure to choose bean bags that have washable covers and stain-resistant liners.  Bean bag chairs are portable furniture, so you can take them to common student areas when all the couches are hogged up.  Or each student can hang out on their own bean bag in the hallway until the wee hours of the night, studying of course (with some pizza-eating and card-playing thrown in).  Bean bags are also great as a back rest on your bed to read all those interesting textbooks without getting a backache.

Bean bag chairs from AHH Products are popular with college freshmen since they have washable covers and water-repellent liners - like the Blue Denim bean bags (this casual style matches everything).  Or the Zebra bean bag and the Cow Faux Fur bean bag chair (the texture is soft and cuddly and the animal theme gives a hip accent to the dorm room decor).  The Velvet bean bags are stain-resistant and come in tons of colors.  People looking for "Microsuede" end up liking these silky-soft, upholstery velvet bean bag chairs even better!  For students who want to cheer up a dreary room, choose a print like Bubbly Citrus and for guys who dig style but not so much color, the Camouflage Fleece bean bag.  Prints are great for hiding dirt, which is a must in dorm rooms.  Let's not forget the environmentally-conscious students, for which there are Organic Cotton bean bags that are both "green" and hypo-allergenic!

Also necessary supplies for college freshmen are personal items.

11. First-aid kits should include water-proof bandages, disinfecting swabs and sanitizer gel, headache/ pain relievers, moisturizing eye drops for long nights, and rubbing alcohol for scrapes (which can also be used to remove sticky stuff like price tags from hard surfaces).
12. For gals, a manicure/ pedicure kit with favorite colors.  Double-duty the electric kettle to boil water for disinfecting tweezers, clippers, and other metal supplies you might share with other students.
13. Shower items like flip flops and a bath caddy for shampoo, razors, etc. to make communal bathrooms bearable.
14. Bring your favorite laundry detergent and put dryer sheets in drawers to keep clothes smelling nice.

To make your dorm room less institutional and more like home, students can't do without these items.

15. Bed frame risers create storage space under the bed.  Stow away empty luggage, which you can use as a hamper!  Or, better yet, bring plastic storage units with wheels that fit under the bed so you can have easy access to clothes, shoes, and supplies.
16. Hang a large dry-erase board on your door for messages and schedules.
17. To cool the dorm room, or expel unwanted smells (burnt popcorn), a portable, strong fan does the job.
18. Photos of family and friends will warm up cold walls and combat homesickness.  Double-sided tape that is easily removed works great for photos, posters, even heavier frames - just pick the right size tape like 3M's removable strips.  Many dorm room walls are concrete, so tape will be much easier to apply than nails, and no nail holes!
19. Dorm room mattresses aren't the best, so a mattress pad will be much appreciated.
20. For dirty or otherwise yucky floors, bring a nice rug.  One that has a non-slip bottom and is machine-washable is best.

Lastly, college freshmen must learn to keep a tidy home-away-from-home.  Let's make Mom proud!

21. Air fresheners to plug-in or spray are essential, including a product like Febreeze to take care of not-so-fresh odors.  You may want to shop with your dorm-mates to agree on the fragrance.
22. Keep paper towels and spray cleaner/ disinfectant handy. Disinfectant wipes like Clorox's are convenient, but if they dry out, reactivate them with a little water.
23. A hand-held vacuum picks up crumbs, dust bunnies, and other unsightly things.  A broom and dustpan do the trick too.
24. For the unexpected, have a flashlight or two ready with batteries installed (and a pack of extra batteries).
25. And for you shoe-addicts, hang a shoe organizer over the door or keep pairs in shoe boxes with see-through windows like Ikea's inexpensive Komplement products.

It's a topsy-turvy time for freshmen students entering college.  If you go prepared, you'll make it a fun and fabulous time!

Yours truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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