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AHH Bean Bag Chairs
How To Unzip Locked Liners

Ahh...That bean bag is safe!

AHH Products has the original bean bags with washable covers plus water-repellent liners made of the same material that many outerwear coats use.

Below you will find instructions on how to unzip your liner.  Do not force your zipper...it is child-resistant and is "locked" to keep the filling safely inside (complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines).

 Find hole on side of zipper headZipper-Head Closeup Photo
Your liner's zipper does not have a pull-tab. You must make one to unlock your zipper. Notice the hole in the center of the zipper- head. This is where you will put the pull-tab that you make.  Also look inside the little hole on the side of the zipper-head, you will see a thin tension bar that must be pushed UP towards the top of the zipper-head roof.

 Straighten out paperclip leg
Step 1: Make a Pull-Tab
Straighten out one side of a small paperclip

Insert paperclip leg inside zipper hole
Step 2: Find the Zipper-Head
Locate your zipper-head. It is at the end of the zipper, and can be tucked inside the fabric-fold. Look for the hole at the side of the zipper-head, towards the middle. If you can't see it, you will be able to find it by poking for it using your paperclip.

Make zipper pull tab
Step 3: Insert the Paperclip
Insert the straightened side of your paperclip into the zipper-head hole.  Make sure the paperclip is UNDER the thin tension bar you located earlier.  This means you want to insert the paperclip as close to the base of the zipper-head as possible, so it goes under the tension bar.  On the photo, the part of the zipper-head you see is the top/roof, not the base.  Do not insert the paperclip between the tension bar and the zipper-head top/roof.

Step 4: Make Pull-Tab
Bend the straightened side of the paperclip back in, so that you have a pull-tab to open the zipper with.

Pull zipper to unlock liner
Step 5: Open Zipper
Pull the paperclip down to open the zipper. When you finish filling your bean bag, pull the zipper closed with the paperclip. Remove the paperclip completely to "relock" your zipper.

If your zipper does not open, you have inserted it above the tension bar.  Remove it and re-insert it under the tension bar, as close to the base of the zipper-head as possible. Your paperclip must push the tension bar up to release the zipper to slide.

IMPORTANT: after you remove the paperclip, push the zipper-head all the way to the end of the zipper with your finger so the filling cannot leak out. Tuck it just barely hidden under the fabric flap so you can easily get to it later.

Please do remember to remove the paperclip or whatever tool you used to create the zipper pull-tab.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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