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NEW! LiL Me Doll Bean Bags!

NEW! Matching Girl-Doll Bean Bags!

Tie Dye Cotton (many colors)

  • 37" Rainbow
  • 37" Pink Multi
  • 37" Lime Multi
  • 37" with 8 year old
  • 37" with 8 year old
  • 37" Lime Multi with 10 year old
  • 14" LiL Me Matching Doll Bean Bag & 37"
  • Sizes: 27", 32", 37" best seller, 52" wide
  • 14" LiL Me Matching Doll Bean Bag
  • 14" LiL Me Matching Doll Bean Bag
Ships out the next weekday. Transit time is normally 1-5 weekdays. Add up to 1 week for personalized items.
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Product Description

Not just for hippies anymore.  This bean bag chair has a tie dye print cotton cover that is machine washable.  Perfect for tweens!  This is not an actual tie-dyed fabric, but a print that looks just like one, so no color bleeding in the wash!  Bright, bold colors are sure to please hippies, if you happen to be one, and everyone else!  All of our bean bags come with covers that are double-stitched for superior durability.

Don't forget, you also get an inner water-repellent liner that holds the filling.  Our exclusive liner is a super strong microfiber that is double-stitched so no more leaking bean bags!  There is also a child-resistant zipper to keep kids out of the filling, but can be opened by parents if necessary.

Rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.
Pink Multi:
 pinks, greens, and black.
Lime Multi: yellow, lime, and aqua.

10 year warranty covers any defect, excluding filling compression.  Free shipping/handling.  Made in America.

Hmmm...rainbow or pink multi?  Ask us for free fabric swatches.

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Choose your size:
(27") under 3 feet tall
(32") under 5 feet tall
(37") most kids and adults - most popular size
(52") multiple kids, larger adults. 52" comes in 2 boxes - first box holds bean bag half-filled, second box holds remaining filling that you put into the liner yourself
(14") dolls, stuffed animals
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Choose your filling type:
Reground is small pieces of styrofoam that vary in shape and size, from about 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Virgin bead is 1/8 inch round balls (like BBs).
Read more about filling types...

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There are 5 review(s) for Tie Dye Cotton (many colors)

  • LOVE these beanbags chairs!

    by Kate – 3rd Jan 2015

    We have the blue/yellow/green version and it looks beautiful! The cotton is so comfy for sitting on - our son loves this chair. I would say only thing to think about is that if it's for gaming, he says he likes the pear shape ones for that. This company is a pleasure to work with and were very accommodating when I was trying to get the bean bags delivered for a certain date. We have two fleece bags as well and really, REALLY love these chairs.

  • nice quality, bright colors

    by Ellen – 21st Oct 2013

    I ordered this chair for my daughter for Christmas so she hasn't gotten it yet. The quality just by touch, look, and feel is much better than any bean bag I've seen and the colors are vivid and beautiful. Can't wait for my girl to opent it!

  • Great product!

    by E – 8th Jul 2013

    My daughter (10) is very happy with this purchase. Bright colors and comfy seating.

  • Didn't run in the wash

    by Ginny Rodney – 4th Apr 2013

    Hi! I got another tie dyed bean bag from someone else and when I washed it, the colors ran. Yours give me the look of tie dye, but it didn't run at all in the wash. And I've washed it several times already. 5 stars!

  • Tie Dye Bean Bags

    by beth and john – 2nd Jan 2013

    We gave your rainbow tie dye bean bag to our son and the pink and green tie dye to our daughter. They both really love them. We are glad we found you this Christmas!