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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


Here you will find PAGE 12 of testimonials that have been sent to us about our bean bag chairs. Our bean bags have found homes in so many households nationwide, that even we sometimes can't believe it!

If you have anything to share, do not hesitate to contact us!

The kids really love them! -A.T.

Arrived today and we love it! Thanks. -K.J.

My niece and nephew really love their bean bags! -F.B.

Thank you so much!  I'm glad I found your company online. I love the "original style". My husband and I both had big, round bean bags growing up! -M.C.

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! What an amazing first impression you have left on me, my family and my neighbors who all saw what you did for me! Returning my call on a Sunday!! I was already a fan of AHH!

Secondly the length you went to, to make and DELIVER 2 Bean Bag chairs to me in under 3 hours!! WOW Who does anything like this for customers these days. I know I would have, but didn't know there are others out there too!! The bean bags are beyond my expectations!!!! With everything else to you did to make my guests comfortable in a moments notice?not even knowing me?I would have loved the chairs regardless.

The chairs are every bit as fabulous as the people making them happen. The quality, comfort, and gorgeous fabric it is all perfect. Most importantly you gave me the peace of mind to buy them on a whim knowing I could return them for any reason! That was probably the part of the story; my guests were most surprised by. Well, maybe it was that you actually brought them to me..hmm well those 2 points are up at the top of your kudos list on this!

Lisa went above and beyond to get to know my style as best she could in my rush. She even sent along 2 covers as options for me to match an existing bean bag we have. She is truly a design and customer relations expert as what she sent me was absolutely perfect! Thank you so incredibly much.  It may seem like a small thing, but the big thing was the amount of care and concern you showed.

My husband had been looking for high quality bean Bag chairs to finish off his media room that he spent months building. He just wanted a few to have in case we had a large crowd. I didn't know that he had been searching and couldn't find anything until 5 hours before the Super Bowl. He went out to run an errand, I was heading out to buy floor pillows...then I stopped to give finding the chairs one quick try.  I found you on the internet and when he came home. there they were!  He was speechless! He had no idea how I pulled this off!

It was a fantastic party and the chairs were snagged every time someone got up for food. It was very funny how they became the coveted seating ---even over our expensive sofa seating! I can't thank you enough! I have already passed your information on to several people including an Interior Designer. I will continue to spread the word every time I get a chance to brag about you all!!!!! Please let me know how I can return the "back-up" cover you sent me! Everything else is staying right where it is!! -C.W.

We just got our bean bag chair, they're so very comfortable! -C.D.

Thanks for the great service!! -L.T.

Great, thank you!  By the way, I gave my 4 year old and 2 year old daughters one of your 52" bean bags for Christmas and they LOVE it!  They've used it so much, which is why I need more of the filling!  I love the covers, and they're so well made (my girls love to jump from the sofa onto the bean bag!).  Thanks so much! -V.Z.

Dear ahh products, We love our bean bags!  Thank you for a great product.  -D.F.

They are wonderful.  We never have any problems.  They are still like new, all of our grandchildren have one!  Your product is great or I wouldn't continue to come back.  Thanks! -F.L.

It's so cool! We love it.  -P.M.

I absolutely love the bean bag.  The quality is without rival and it is so rich looking in this fabric.  It is my bean bag!  LOL...  Others have tried to claim it but they will have to choose their own as I will be back in the near future for theirs. Thank you, -M.H.

You guys RULE for having an adult size beanbag available in DINOSAUR.  I've waited almost two years looking on and off for the perfect chair for my room and I know now that I was waiting for this.  Dinosaurs are SO awesome. -D.C.

I love your beanbags so much that I ended up buying two new beanbags instead, making a total of four of your beanbags in my house.  And by the way, the new beanbags are in our front living room, where everyone
can admire them!:)...(not to mention that I tell everyone who admires the beanbags where I got them).  -A.K.

It's bullet-proof! There's nothing wrong with it! -A.K.

My kids love the bean bags!!!!!!!  And so do we! -P.M.

Thank you so much for the offer.  We are new to the Connecticut/New York area and as a long time (25 years) resident of Fairfax County/Loudoun County, I will be sure to tell my friends in Virginia how accommodating you were in this situation. -N.F.

Your bean bags look great! -S.L.

It's wonderful! -H.H.

What a pleasure doing business with you.  You met my tight schedule with accomodation and courtesy that I seldom find in the marketplace today.  And best of all, your bean bag chair is well designed and well made.  By the way,  you misjudged the time in which I would get my order. Ordered on Tuesday, it arrived 2 days later, not after the weekend! Most companies advise customers to allow 2-4 weeks - not the 2 days you provided. Thanks, -C. K.

These are perfect for family practices and healthcare offices! We'll be back for more. -prominent design firm

It's fantastic! -M.Z.

Thank you! You see my grandson has Sensory Processing Disorder and they use these bean bags for therapy. I'm so glad that I found you. :) -A.P.

Thanks so much. We did receive the bean bags on the 28th and they are great. Just what we wanted. Thanks again. -C.A.

I am a returning customer. I have ordered two bean bags from your company in the past. We have the tiger and leopard print bean bags. The kids still use them to death, and they are now 19 and almost 18. Thanks for a great product. They have just gotten a little flat over the years and need a little refilling. S.M.

We bought 4 bean bags about 5 years ago, we absolutely love them! We'd like to know about the giant size ones now! -M.B.

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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