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Customer Testimonials about
AHH Bean Bag Chairs

How proud we are at AHH! Products to have such great and consistent customer reviews about our bean bag chairs from today all the way back to when we first opened in 1998!

Here is PAGE 1 of real testimonials about our washable bean bag chairs and our company. Everyone loves our bean bags with their washable covers plus water-repellent liners, especially since they're direct from our USA factory!

We welcome any comments you may have. Just contact us!

Please join our bean bag bunch of satisfied customers...including interior designers, architects, event planners, corporations, libraries, hospitals, hotels, theatres, music production firms, parks, and folks like you!


We bought our bean bag chair from you 14 years ago and it's still fantastic! Bean bag cover and liner are still in perfect condition, really! I'm back for another one. -C.J.

I am the physical therapist at my school. We bought 2 bean bag chairs from you and I loaned one to another school, they don't want to give it back! So I need to get another bean bag chair. -Robin

Hello, we've been exceptionally happy with our beanbag we bought from you 8 years ago -- and now we have 2 sons, and we'd like to get them beanbags for their rooms! Thank you so much, all the best, -L.W.

Hi Ahh Products. We love the bean bag. My son is autistic and his occupational therapist recommended a bean bag chair for the mild pressure it would provide him when he sits or lays on it, she said it would be relaxing and soothing for him. She was right. I'm glad we invested in a nice quality product likes yours. Thanks. -S.C.

WOW! AHH! Products is great! -J.V. (interior designer)

The bean bag is great. Not a day goes by without my son being in it, it's in great condition, held up over 5 years so far! -D.A.

We got our bean bag 5 years ago, and seriously, it still looks brand new! -C.J.

We are the recipient of the 37" Red denim bean bag chair... We couldn't be happier with the bean bag. It matches perfectly with our family room and the fabric is soft and durable. The kids use it to read, lounge in front of the tv, play obstacle courses, and jumping games. The size is perfect - from our 2 year old to the parents in the household, we all feel comfortable spending time in this bean bag. The bean bag has become a central part of our daily lives. Again, you make a wonderful product - we highly recommend your bean bags! Blessings -L.W. 

Boy in red denim bean bag chair

Got it. It's great. Thanks! -L.N.

I received the bean bag chairs and they look great, thanks for all your help. -H.H., Leight Park Nature Center

Just a quick note to say that the bean bag chairs (all 7 of them) arrived; I had each one monogrammed with the childrens' names on them and they were a definite hit at our Dec. 13th Christmas party for our family. Thank you for a job well done. Sincerely, -K.S.

I'm the person who sent you the "God Bless America" denim fabric that my son's third grade class decorated. The beanbag was a huge hit at the school auction - selling for $900! Anyway, I'm sending you another order for my son's birthday. Thanks, -T.M.

Hi there, we bought one of your bean bags I think a few years ago now and it is still like brand new. It is used every single day by our entire family and company when they come. What I love most is the ability to take the shell off and wash it. It is one of our favorite pieces of furniture for sure. -L.N.

I purchased a denim bag for my daughter about a year ago. I thought I would write you to let you know that we really love it. She lounges in it in front of the TV and eats a lot of meals there. When she spills stuff on it, we just unzip and wash, which makes it even softer. It even accommodates Dad. Very comfortable. Very Good Product. Keep up the good work. Thanks, very satisfied in Atlanta, -O.M. and R.M.

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends! - S.M.

Our beanbag chair arrived Wednesday, just in time for my husband's birthday. Not only does he love it, but since then, our one and a half year old son and all his friends have been fighting over it AND the box it came in. I'm certain we'll soon be ordering the smaller size for a second birthday present, as "beanbag chair" is our son's newest (and most favorite) word. Thanks so much, -C.B.

I bought a bean bag chair 12 years ago and it is holding up so well! I want to get a new cover from one of your great styles, but I can't justify it because my bean bag is still so beautiful. I absolutely love it and will definitely order again if this one ever goes bad! -S.B.

I have been shopping all over the internet for bean bag chairs for my 5 grandchildren. I wanted a top-of-the-line chair that would grow with the kids. I selected your chairs after much consideration. I think what finally sold me was the liquid resistent inner liner. I couldn't find another chair that offered it. I received the 5 bean bag chairs the other day. I'm glad I ordered from you. I'm impressed with the quality of the materials and the workmanship. Definitely worth the money. My wife has embroidered each childs' name on their chair...Keep up the good work. Thanks again for the fine product. I know my grandchildren will have a gift that will last. Sincerely, -A.W.

Your bean bag chairs have become very popular with my family! I have 4 and my mom has 3 now! -anonymous customer

We have two of your bean bags for our sons (red denim and blue denim) and now have a little girl who needs her own. Also, I will be ordering some refills for the boys' chairs. After two years of use, they are in need of some TLC. I have washed the covers several times, as the boys hate the dog hair; they held up extremely well. Guess I should get one for the dog as well though she would probably still like the kids best. Thanks -K.C.

Hi, Could you please send me swatches of both shades of blue in the synthetic suede. I bought a couple [ bean bag chairs ] from you last winter, and would like two more, to complement them. Thanks, -M.S.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my bean bag chairs and absolutely love them. The fabric is fantastic and they are exactly like the swatches you sent me. I wanted to say thank you! -P.S.

The Ahh beanbag chair was a smash hit! Best wishes, -J.I. (Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

Last December 7th, I ordered a premium bean bag for my daughter. It was (and is) such a hit that it needs to have its filling replenished. Because I was so happy with my daughter's bean bag, my neighbor ordered one for her daughter. -L.M.

Hello! I ordered a 37" Tough Denim bean bag 10 years ago. This was a special addition to my 2 years old "big boy" room. We all love the chair and now I would like to get one for my second child and two for our family room! Thank you so much for your help! I can't wait to pick out our new chairs and say "Ahh!" :-) In fact, just last night as my husband and I were watching a football game on t.v., he asked if I had ordered the chairs yet!!! I told him I had asked for some swatches first to choose the right colors. He told me to pick fast! Have a great day! Sincerely, -M.P.

Hello: We received the bean bag chair that I ordered from you last week and my daughter loves it -- so much so that everyone one in the family wants one of their own now! I'd like to order swatches in the following colors...Thank you! -J.N.

Hey, it arrived! And it's wonderful!!! Thanks so much for your persistence in tracking it down. We love it! Cheers, -the W. family

I've been looking on the internet for hours! You're the only company that had the exact bean bag chair I wanted! -anonymous shopper

We are very pleased with the bean bag product, and the promptness of filling the order and providing fabric swatches. No concerns at all. -D.Y. & R.Y.

thank you thank you thank you! Our daughter absolutely LOVES that bean bag chair; it's about the only way we get a nap out of her anymore! ;-) -D.W.

I recently received two wonderful, soft beanbag chairs from you. I ordered them for my daughters and the whole family (including our cat) enjoys them. -K.M.

We got a call from a person that told us that she was cursed at after asking why the order she placed 3.5 weeks before was never shipped! She said it was a bean bag company in Texas and she made sure that we were not that Texas company (we don't want to say the company name here for ethical reasons, but it's one of our biggest competitors). She will be ordering from us now. -prefers to remain anonymous

I bought 3 bean bags...love them! I'd like to buy 2 more! - D.F.

Your bags are definitely the best I've seen and for the same price of other bags ([their] quality pales in comparison to yours). If I find the right fabric [for custom ordering] - I'll have it in the mail - if not - I'll order from your inventory! Thanks -S.G.

Thanks, guys, for the nice email about Federal Express. Of course I want my bean bag chair! You sent me a great collection of swatches, too. Don't be surpassed if more orders come your way from us. Best wishes for the holidays, -A.E.

The Bean Bags arrived today in great condition - also very comfortable! Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks. -J.K.\

Hello! Our family received two more of your bean bag chairs for Christmas. We love your bean bag chairs and would buy no other. The fur we purchased first has washed beautifully and, so far, looks brand new in spite of relatively heavy use. Thanks so much- Ahh product fans, -R.C. and family

Dear AHH!, I would like to order reground refill material for my 37" chair...We have loved it into flatness. Thank you, -C.M.

Dear AHH! Products inc, I purchased 6 or 7 bean bag chair covers from you more than a year ago. They were brought to Poland for use in a school library. They were such a success that I'd like to purchase two more for a school in Moldova. -J.B.

We're thrilled with our bean bag and will be ordering another one! -C.M.

I totally love my bean bag chair! -S.F.

Thank you very much.  My son will be most pleased to receive his bean bag in time for his birthday party.  He's already cleared a spot for it in his bedroom. -M.Z.

Thanks for offering such a wonderful product! -T.B.

Hi, My girls LOVE the bean bags! They are a lot bigger than I thought they would be but the good thing about that is they won't outgrow them anytime soon! We all hung out in them last night and read books and watched a movie. My husband thinks they are a little too full. He said he might take a little of the filler out and save it for when they need plumping up. I'm not sure, I think they are perfect for the kids, but when a grown up sits in one, there is not much "sink ability" (I don't know what the word I'm looking for is!) You all did a GREAT job and I'm sure we will use them for years! Thank you for all your help! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends! Sincerely, -D.P

Hello, I received the last of my bean bags today. The colors are beautiful and I really like the quality of your products. The colors on the terracotta and eggplant velvet microfibres are more gorgeous than the website shows...thanks, -K.C.

We just got our bean bags, we love them, especially the giant 52" one.  We'd like to order 2 more of those! We're moving to Australia and will be spreading the word! -T.M.

Since we got our bean bag, there's been a butt in it. We love it, it's beautiful! - M.D.

I'm so glad I kept looking and found your company! Thank you. -L.S.

Hi, I got a phone message from you today that your beanbag zippers are not under the bottom which is all I've ever seen.  If I'm correct, please send me the following swatches asap.  I have hardwood floors and I'm soo tired of having to protect them from bean bag zippers.  It takes away their portability with kids and makes it harder to clean a "pad" underneath as well. -D.G. (Our bean bags aren't made so you have to put them on the floor a certain way to use them like other bean bags.  If you don't want the zipper facing the floor, you can turn it another way and still use it.)

Love your beanbags! -H.D.

It's still perfect.  Doesn't even show any dirt, I've only washed it once I think when there was a major spill.  And you can't  even tell now!  It's taken 2 kids jumping on it for over a year.  Thanks! -L.J.

We received a couple of your bean bag chairs for our 2 sons a few weeks ago. They're wonderful! -L.W.

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