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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


This is PAGE 8 of actual comments from people who use our bean bag chairs. We do not go to people to solicit testimonials, they actually are so happy that they feel they want to take the time to let us know!

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Got the chair. It's a big hit around the office. Best, -J.B.

Hi, just a note to let you know - the bean bags are a hit (I'm the Indian guy who came to the warehouse on the 27th). Now my wife loves them too...! -A.S.

On behalf of the National Postal Museum (Smithsonian Institute), I would like to express the Museum's gratitude for your generous contribution to our 10th anniversary celebration. Your valuable beanbag chairs greatly enhanced the program's Story Corner. Museum visitors were able to relax while reading their favorite postal stories. Many visitors commented on their delight in the beanbags and complemented about their superior comfort. For the celebration, approximately 1850-2000 visitors participated in our festivities. We were delighted to include AHH! Products in the Museum's celebration. Thank you for supporting the National Postal Museum's educational programming. By providing your beanbag chairs, you brought hours of relaxing fun to our museum visitors. Best Regards, -A.K., Director

We just ordered filling for our old bean bags (not from AHH!) and a blue denim bean bag and we love it! -E.S.

I ordered a bean bag from you years ago and we love it, especially my husband! We want to order refill and another cover. -E.S.

We love the bean bag, the kittens love it, we really do! -E.S.

Good Morning, this is Friday and when I got home yesterday the bean bag had been delivered. Thanks so much for your time and prompt service. Now my granddaughter will have her bean bag for her birthday. I appreciate everything you have done. -E.L.

I just wanted you to know of another market for bean bags. I bought a bean bag for my 3 month old daughter and she loves it and has from the first time she sat in it. Actually, she doesn't yet "sit" in it -- she's almost a year old now and every nap is taken in the bean bag. She also falls asleep every nite in it and then we take her up to her crib when we are ready to go to bed. She sleeps so soundly in it that I can even run the vacuum while she's napping. I just wanted to let you know about this since I believe every new baby should have his or her own bean bag! Sincerely, -The D Family

Your bean bag IS the best I've ever bought! Your site doesn't lie! I love your website and thanks for the explanations about bean bags. Great product! Great information! -M.B.

I have now recvd the bean bag and we are very happy with it. -A.M.

Hi Folks, Thanks for your quick reply and for sending out the swatches. Much appreciated! -A.E.

We received the package and are very satified. We have a big problem, everyone is fighting over sitting in the bean bag. I may need two more, maybe smaller. -E.R.

My co-worker told me she loves her bean bag and told me to get one from you! -K.G.

I just love my blue denim bean bag! Nothing sticks to it (she reordered 2 more bean bags). -C.P.

After getting the second batch of bean bags, C.P. said: They're great!

Very comfortable! Getting ready for the World Series! -M.H.

My grandson loves it! He made me sit in it! -A.Y.

Love our beanbag! I'm trying to convince my husband to get another one. -S.

We got the cover, everything's great! -S.P.

They've (beanbags) been wonderful! That's why we're making sure we order the same for the new child! -N.B.

The family has fallen in love with the bean bag! We'd like to get one or two more. -P.O.

My sister has ordered beanbags from you and swears by them. -L.L

I bought one of your bean bag chairs for my older daughter a few years ago, and it is the greatest chair. Everyone loves to sit in it, so when my youngest daughter said she wanted a bean bag chair for Christmas, I knew just where to come. Thanks for making such great products. -C.M.

I found your website by doing a search of "bean bag chairs" on AOL and your products seem to be the best quality. I love all the info you've provided on how to buy a chair and what to look for. -M.F.

I really like the bean bag I got from you last year (2002). I'd like to get another one! -L.C.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful company... By the way, my grandchildren have your bean bag chairs and love them. -F.S.

Hi folks, I ordered a 37" denim bean bag about 4 years ago (1999)....love it! I'm planning to refill it and order another one. -L.S.

I have seen your products and loved them! I am interested in purchasing covers for bean bags I already have. Thank You! -T.M.

Just got his bean bag and LOVES it- thanks again for making it! You're the best! -H.M.

You have been very helpful. Great customer service team. -C.B.

Thank you! We love the one we kept. It's great. Sincerely, -J.B.

The bean bag is great! Thanks! -A.P.

She loves her bean bag! -R.R.

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