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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


Below you will find PAGE 7 of genuine testimonials about our bean bags and bean bag chair covers.  Remember, all of our bean bag chairs come with removable covers that you can wash in your household machine.  Plus, an inner liner that is water-repellent!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to provide feedback!

I just ordered two 37" chairs. About one year ago we ordered two small chairs for our one and two year old daughters. They love them and so do we, so now we are finally getting one for Mom and for Dad. They are lovingly referred to in our home as the "bing bang" chairs. It will be nice when each family member has their own! -P.S.

I am so impressed by the efficiency & speed in which you process and ship orders. I requested a swatch and received it almost immediately. Next, I placed my internet order on Wednesday and received my bean bag chairs on Saturday. Shopping doesn't get any easier than that! I purchased two identical bags that were on sale, and the material is exactly what I was looking for. Also, thank you for the free virgin fill! Kudos for terrific service & products! -J.U.

I just got my bean bag. I love it! I'd like to order 2 more! -G.M.

My 2 children really enjoy their bean bags! -K.T.                        

My dogs are fighting over the one bean bag I got from you! I'd like to buy 2 more! -L.T.

Bean bag covers arrived safely today. We are in the midst of remodelling so may not get a chance to check them for a few days. Color looks great but still need to make sure size is okay. Thank you so much for all your help. You are an asset to the company.  Later...Had a chance to look at the covers last night and they will be fine. -R.N.

Thank you for the awesome customer service! -D.B.

Thanks - I picked the chairs up Friday - installed them in the basement and the kids are happy. -H.B.

Perfect ! Really nice bean bag chair! -S.L.

I recently purchased a 37" beanbag and think it's great! Now, I'd like a larger one (52"). -D.H.

Thank you! I have to tell you that I was in sales management and customer service related jobs for 26 years and sincerely appreciate good (and friendly) customer service! Sadly, it is not the norm in this day and age when you would think that because of the economy businesses would be bending over backwards to generate business and good customer relationships.  Before I discovered your site I tried to order from another online bean bag company, but backed out because even though they had what I was looking for, they acted like they could care less whether I purchased from them or not!  Also, they did not have their physical address and company information listed on their website.  I hope you all are or will continue to be very successful. You deserve to be! :) Thank you! -D.B.

Absolutely gorgeous bean bags! -J.P.

I am very happy with my bean bag chair. We got more fill for our 45" bean bag than we needed, so we'll keep it for later. -J.H.

I had a wonderful buying experience from Ahh! Products. The only thing that I could suggest to make it better would be that I would have received an email confirming the date my order had been shipped. I emailed customer service to ask since I hadn't heard anything. I am very pleased with the product, the fast response from customer service and the fast delivery. In fact, I showed my beanbag to my son's Occupational Therapist who said she was thinking of getting one for her therapies.  I gave her the business card that came with my order. I plan on purchasing another one and when I am ready, I'll be back. Thanks again for the great buying experience! Sincerely, -B.C.

You guys are phenomenal ! Great website, great customer service, fabulous bean bags ! -T.L.

Very happy with my bean bag chairs. -R.B.

Any questions I had were answered very quickly and thoroughly plus they were nice enough to extend a sale price for me that ended while I was deciding on color choices from swatches I had received. And, the swatches were mailed quickly also. So far, all around an excellent experience. -anonymous shopper

I think that your site was the best of all that we looked at online. You have a great selection and your we really anticipate that we will be happy with our purchase. -anonymous shopper

Best selection online as far as I could tell. -anonymous shopper

Thank you for offering to upgrade the size of my bean bag chair. I actually need the small size, but thanks anyway. -J.S. (she won a free size upgrade)

Got my bean bag chair and love it. The final test will be when my 20 month old great grandson comes back next week and uses it. He's definitely active but loves Blues Clues videos. Will send picture later. -C.P.

My wife and I have heard great things about your chairs and are very much interested in ordering one. - M.

Good morning, I would like to express my pleasure in working with your representative Lisa to help me choose the best bean bag for me. Also, extremely helpful in helping me choose size and colors of my bags. I cannot wait to be relaxing in my bags (I bet my cat is going to be rather happy too!). Best Regards, -R.B.

Hi ya, First off I would like to say what a great product. I love the 3 bean bags I ordered. -J.O.

I ordered a bean bag from you a couple years ago and was very pleased. I'd like to order another one! -T.T.

We got it this weekend. We love it. Thank you. -M.R.

I recently purchased a 37" bean bag from your company and am very pleased with it. Could you please tell me how I would order another color cover for it, the price, etc.? Do you have a separate cover in either fuschia or pink? Thanks so much, -A.R.

The beanbag chairs are simply wonderful. Thank you so much for accommodating my local pick-up. Once again thanks for all of your help. I suspect we will be doing business again. Sincerely, L.H.

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