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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


Below you will find PAGE 13 of more comments about the customer service we provide, and of course, about our bean bag chairs. Every day, we get more unsolicited testimonials, which really makes everyone at Ahh! Products happy to be doing what we do!

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The kids really love them! -L.M. (Middle School teacher)

I would be more than willing to attest to your excellent customer service if needed. -J.R.

It's in great shape after so many years! -P.F.

My child is fearless, he does backward and forward somersaults off the couch into the bean bag and it's bulletproof!  That's why I'm coming back to your company. - C.W.

I am impressed by your website and company. -P.D.

I can see already why your reviews are so positive! -K.R.
We got our bean bags a few years ago, they're holding up really well! -I.S.
My kids love to run & leap on them! We sit on them & read books - they're very popular! They've held up, very durable. -K.N.
Hello! We just received our "outer space" bean bag chair for our son and LOVE IT! -K.H.
I just wanted to thank you. The order arrived on June 5, the day she graduated. -D.K.

Thanks again for the awesome bean bag chair, -A.F.

Hi!  I ordered two 27" bean bags for my child's Kindergarten class.  Thank you so much for your help.  I hear the bean bags are gorgeous and the perfect size! -P.A.

A piece of furniture that you must experience for yourself! It's the perfect gaming chair! The thing that separates AHH! Bean Bag chairs from any other bean bag is its comfort and versatility. It's a place of relaxation and will hold perfect form whenever I want to sit up straight. -Adam Heether, Pro-Baseball Athlete

Own 2 bean bags with denim covers. Love'em! -E.S.

Hi, I've received my order last week. I'm very happy with the result. Thank you. I even have left over fabric for cushions or accessories. I just have to find the filling now.Thanks again. -N.O.

Hello ~  I love your site!  I'm having the worst time deciding between the Cuddle Soft Pink and the Bright Dots Fleece for my 7 year old daughter for X-masThanks so much!  -L.D.

Honey, they're great! My grandkids have used & abused them. I've watched them play and they are tough on the bean bags - running and jumping into them - but your bean bags are tougher! We always come back to you and I've got more grandkids on the way! -F.L.

Beanbags arrived.  They're GREAT !!!!! -S.T.

I would like to order swatches to determine what colors/fabrics we want for our family room.  I ordered one bean bag already and we were very happy with it, so are planning to order several more.  We just need to figure out what covers we want. Thanks, -W.F.

I picked it up on Friday. Thanks for letting me know about the problem, following up with me to find a solution, and communicating with FedEx. I appreciated the customer service. Take care, -C.B.

We got your bean bag in a silent auction years ago and it's held up really well, we've washed it over and over! -anonymous

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