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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


Here is PAGE 10 of actual testimonials about our bean bag chairs. Every effort is made at Ahh! Products to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, with superb customer service.

We welcome any feedback from you. Please do contact us!

We love our bean bags! We've had them forever, like 1999 or something.  Our kids grew up in them, now they want their own.  They have totally held up over the years. -J.G. (she reordered more bean bags)

I got the pink and baby blue fur, they are gorgeous!  I was so excited when I got them, they are really really pretty! My client loves them.  -M.R. interior designer (she ordered again)

They're great! We love 'em. We got our bean bags for Christmas last year (2005). The kids beat the snot out of them! -S.F.

I have never in my life received the kind of wonderful customer service that I got from you! -M.R. Interior Designer

Your telephone customer service person was so helpful.  Thank you! -anonymous shopper

My kids want to FILL the room with these chairs. They LOVE them. They've become the most used furniture in the house.

Your bean bags are awesome, you must hear that all the time! I can't tell you how much we love them. -J.I.

Thanks so much! You guys are always so helpful. -J.T. (interior designer)

We love our bean bag! We want to order a 52 inch and a smaller one too. -V.G.

Hi, the bigger version of the chair is perfect! -S.R.

I just wanted to tell you my grandson's beanbag chair arrived yesterday (Mikey in Wanaque, NJ) and the little kid just loves it. My daughter said it is the nicest one she has ever seen and the embroidered name was really well done.  I've asked her to forward a picture on to you. Thank you so much. It's a great Christmas present. Regards from Maine, -P.R.

We love the bean bags! The kids use them as trampolines, and they hold up to that! Thanks, -J.H.

My bean bags arrived, my son is camped in them as we speak! -L.S.

Thanks again! You have been a pleasure to work with. -S.B.

Hello- I wanted to take a moment to commend you on your amazing service.  My 28 year old daughter did not admit that what she wanted most for Christmas was a comfortable chair for playing video games until somewhere around the 22nd of December. By the time I'd polled the young men at work & discovered that a bean bag is the perfect video game chair AND that one does not bop down to the local Target to buy a decent one, there was no hope of getting one by Christmas. On did some research, decided on your 37" chair with the puzzle cover and placed my order.  Your website made it clear that the thing would not ship until 1/3/07, so I printed its picture, wrapped it in a box in a box in a box & gave it to her with a note that it would be delivered to her apartment somewhere around 1/6/06 (which is the Feast of the Kings AND, oddly enough, "Bean" Day).  Lo & behold, she called me yesterday afternoon to tell me the chair had arrived and she loves it (and, bonus, her cats love the box it came in) Many thanks for exceeding expectations, -S.D.

I can't believe you got the bean bags to us by Christmas! They are great - thank you! -M.S.

friends at AHH Prod.....Justin has already gotten the bean bags and says that even though they have been very busy and have not had much down time where they don't want to just crash and grab what sleep they can, that they are a big hit.  Thank you all again for your generosity and your efforts in providing troop support...P.L.

We received our bean bag chair today and we love it! We want to order some more covers... -J.D.

Hi! My family of bean bags is multiplying like rabbits, and happily so. You guys are unbelievably supportive, sort of like my favorite bean chairs.  Thank you.  I'll tell five more friends about you. -J.F.
My son enjoys it very much! Thanks, -L.N.
Many thanks! Your bean bags have been terrific. -K.O.
People went crazy over the bean bag, it was a huge hit! With warm regards, -J.V., Center of Outreach Services for the Autism Community
I've got 2 of your bean bags and want to order 2 more. I've have them for a long long time and I love them! They wash and dry so well! -C.P.
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