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Personalize Your
AHH Bean Bag Chairs
& Fleece Blankets

Ahh...That bean bag is just for me!

We are unable to personalize at this time. You can take the bean bag cover off and take it to your local shop.  Remember to mark the name location with some tape while the cover is still on the bean bag!

*Click here for bean bags already personalized - get the name for free!

How do you make your Ahh! bean bag (or blanket) even more unique and cool?  Add a personalization to it and make it a one-of-a-kind!

While you're customizing your bean bag chair during the ordering process, you can also choose to add a personalization.  This option allows you to pick the lettering type, thread color, and either a name/saying or initials.

We use very high quality, very strong embroidery thread that makes the personalization stand out beautifully.  Our combinations of lettering styles and colors are unique and can't be found anywhere else!

37" wide blue denim with name "Chloe" in white, Curly lettering.


We ask for up to 1 extra week to personalize (it can take from 1-7 days depending on how busy our personalization team is).  It then normally takes another 1-5 business weekdays after we ship to get to your door via FedEx ground service (barring unexpected FedEx or weather delays).

Personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged, but are covered by our 10 year warranty!  Please note that the bean bag is covered for 10 years, but the personalization itself is covered for 1 year.  Of course it can and probably will last well over 1 year, but sometimes threads are picked at or snagged by accident - that's just the nature of embroidery.  You will find that our embroidery lasts much longer than other companies because we use a very tight stitch.


Personalized for a Public Library37" wide dark blue denim with "Library" in white, Block lettering.


Here are some ideas of personalizations that would make your bean bag uniquely yours...

First name
Family/Last name
Team name
Pet name

Mom/ Mommy/ Mom's
Dad/ Daddy
/ Dad's

Be happy
Sit here
Have fun
Nap time


"It's beautiful!" -A.S.

 "I just wanted to tell you my grandson's bean bag chair arrived yesterday and the little kid just loves it.  My daughter said it is the nicest one she has ever seen and the embroidered name was really well done. I've asked her to forward a picture on to you.  Thank you so much. It's a great Christmas present. Regards from Maine." -P.R.


Christmas Ordering
We suggest that you order personalized bean bag chairs as early as possible.  Check our holiday shipping schedule to see when you should order personalizations by.


Make sure you choose a thread color that will show up!
Call us for help 703-298-7516.

  Personalization thread colors


For names and other text, these lettering fonts are available.
Up to 9 letters or spaces. The first letter of first word is capitalized, 2 inches tall.  All following letters are shorter lowercase. 

Personalization Name Fonts


For initials, these lettering fonts are available.
1 or 2 large uppercase initials.  CAPITALIZED letters are 3 inches tall.

Personalization Initial Fonts

Note: Letter size for "Lil Me" doll-size bean bags will be smaller to fit on the mini chair. 


SAVE! We personalized these bean bags by mistake.

There's nothing wrong with them at all.  We just duplicated orders accidentally.  Call us to order these bean bags and save the $20 personalization cost PLUS extra discounts!!

Call now! 703-298-7516


Bean Bag Chair *Note Size & Style Lettering Type Thread Color Name Price
(includes free name on cover, liner, regular filling, free Shipping)
37" wide
Navy Blue Organic Cotton Twill
Hobo Sky Blue Tyler $160 (regular $190) Save $30!
37" wide
Cuddle Soft Brown
Block Tan Tyler $185 (regular $245) Save $60!
37" wide
Marina Stripes
Hobo Hot Pink Cora $185 (regular $245) Save $60!
37" wide
Navy Blue Velvet
Hobo Orange Samantha $185 (regular $245) Save $60!
32" wide
Dark Blue Denim
Hobo White Rudy $130 (regular $160) Save $30!
32" wide
Dark Blue Denim
Hobo Red Hunter $130 (regular $160) Save $30!
32" wide
Dark Blue Denim
Hobo Yellow Mason $130 (regular $160) Save $30!
32" wide
Dark Blue Denim
Curly White Maggie $130 (regular $160) Save $30!
27" wide
Bubbly Citrus Cotton
Curly White Gianna $125 (regular $155) Save $30!
37" wide
Dark Blue Denim
Chancery Red Noah  $150 (regular $180) Save $30!
 37" wide
Dark Blue Denim
 Hobo Red Eli  $150 (regular $180) Save $30!
 37" wide
Royal Blue Cotton
 Hobo  Light Blue  Jackson  $150 (regular $180) Save $30!



Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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