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NEW! LiL Me Doll Bean Bags!

NEW! Matching Girl-Doll Bean Bags!

ORGANIC Cotton (many colors)

  • 37" Lime with 3' Model
  • 37" Yellow with 8 year olds
  • 37" Red with 8 year old
  • 37" wide Lime Organic cotton
  • 14" wide Doll Lime Organic cotton
  • Sizes: 27", 32", 37" best seller, 52" wide
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Dark Red
  • Lime
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Cocoa Brown
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Black
Ships out the next weekday. Transit time is normally 1-5 weekdays. Add up to 1 week for personalized items.
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Product Description

Yes! Organic covers!  So soft and Earth-friendly, these bean bag covers are one of our favorites!  And the color selection is extensive enough to fit almost any decor.

The cotton twill cover is made from fabric that is 100% certified organic, grown without pesticides!  It is also dyed and finished by an eco-friendly and sustainable process that won't pollute.  Plus, for allergy sufferers, these covers are also hypoallergenic!   *Please note that only the cover fabric is certified organic. 

As with all of our bean bags, these sport a completely removable, washable cover plus an inner liner that repels water!  Your filling will stay safely inside the liner, since it's strong enough to hold up to your toughest kids.  Our liners also come with child-resistant zippers, so you can easily plump it up with more filling while keeping curious children out.

10 year warranty and free shipping, too!

Note: only the cover is organic.  We offer an organic cotton liner for $30 extra, but remember it won't have any water-repellency. Just select the option above!

Colors to choose from are:
Yellow, pink, hot pink, red, dark red, lime, blue, navy blue, cocoa brown, charcoal gray, black, and no-dye/natural.

NEW! Now available in natural - still organic cotton, plus without any dye!

Click here to read more about what organic really means, including info about flame-retardants.

Need help choosing a color?  Ask us for a free fabric sample

Read more about our products...

Choose your size:
(27") under 3 feet tall
(32") under 5 feet tall
(37") most kids and adults - most popular size
(52") multiple kids, larger adults. 52" comes in 2 boxes - first box holds bean bag half-filled, second box holds remaining filling that you put into the liner yourself
(14") dolls, stuffed animals
Read more about sizing...

Choose your filling type:
Reground is small pieces of styrofoam that vary in shape and size, from about 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Virgin bead is 1/8 inch round balls (like BBs).
Read more about filling types...

reground.jpg  virgin.jpg


There are 27 review(s) for ORGANIC Cotton (many colors)

  • Perfect Bean Bag for Autism Sensory Room

    by redeemingautism.com – 5th Feb 2015

    I put several hours into researching the 'perfect bean bag'. I am glad to say that I found the perfect company and the perfect bean bag! I needed the bean bag to support my son's sensory needs while at the same time not overloading him with toxic chemicals and preservatives. Thank you!!

  • So versatile!

    by Paula A. – 12th Jan 2015

    They are so versatile! I use them to sit on, as footstool, an to stretch when I exercise! It's a beautiful stretch! I relax, meditate, they wonderful!

  • My toddler loves it

    by Juanita – 15th Dec 2014

    I bought this bag for my 2 year old. I chose this size so that she is able to grow into it. One year later, she is still enjoying it. I was very happy to find a chair with an organic cover and warranty that could be picked up locally.

  • Would recommend

    by L. Bale – 10th Dec 2014

    My daughters were about 6 when we bought them in 2011, they love them and use them all the time! Great product would recommend to everyone!

  • Great chair

    by Unknown – 1st Dec 2014

    I planned to buy 3 chairs but bought one first to try it out and it seems great so far. Was a good size for my 5 year old and 8 year olds and I could get comfortable in it as well! Plan to buy two more chairs now!

  • Great environmentally conscious product

    by Donna – 16th Nov 2014

    I am impressed with the environmentally friendly practices and products of this company. My bean bag is spacious, comfy, and durable--and no yucky chemical smells. Thanks for offering a better alternative!

  • Great Bean Bags!

    by Nicole – 22nd Oct 2014

    We purchased two of these organic bean bags just over a year ago and still love them and use them every day! They also still look like new. Kids and adults alike enjoy them.

  • Highest Quality Bean Bag

    by Susan – 20th Oct 2014

    After 6 hours of autism therapy every weekday, my son loves to relax in his beanbag. I spent quite a bit of time researching before I decided on Ahhprods. The deciding factor was that it's not full of toxins like most other beanbag brands.


    by Ana – 21st Aug 2014

    My daughter's bean bag chair is her favorite seat to do homework or play guitar. We shopped around and found bean bag chairs that were loud when you shift in them, plastic/vinyl-sticks-to-skin, and smelly-with a plastic or chemical smell. This wonderful Ahh bean bag is fresh, soft and super-durable. It has had a lot of wear and looks new. This item blew out the Christmas budget last year but it has been worth every penny. I'm so happy with all that we DIDN'T get with this purchase!

  • Expensive, but worth it

    by Danica – 12th Jul 2014

    My mother laughed at me and called me an "idiot" after I told her how much I spent on my son's bean bag (because you can get them at walmart for $40), but this was one of the best purchases we've made for my son and it was well worth the money. He was three at the time. He's now 4 1/2 and still LOVES this bean bag. He JUMPS on it full force...jumps from the couch onto the bean bag, from the mini-tramp to the bean bag, from the chairs to the bean bag. He watches TV in it. He plays his ipad in it. Pretty much, it's the center of his day. The bean bag is still in perfect condition (except that we need a refill because of all the jumping). Everyone that comes over comments on its durability and comfort. Thanks for a great product! (And mom, walmart sucks.)

  • Great service

    by Scott – 5th May 2014

    I am delighted that this bean bag chair is organic. More importantly, the service was fabulous: we needed the bean bag for my daughter's birthday and they were wonderful about quickly shipping it.

  • We love it

    by Shopper – 12th Apr 2014

    Wonderful -- stylish, fun without being cutesy, and comfy as all get out. I did a lot of comparison shopping, and have no doubt I made the right choice.

  • Love it!

    by MM – 30th Jan 2014

    I love this bean bag. My 8 year old and I fight over whose turn it is to sit in the bean bag when we read at night. It's bigger than I thought it would be, so do know that it takes up a great deal of space, but if you have the space for it, it's a phenomenal bean bag to have.

  • GREAT chair to lounge in

    by Pat Zolna – 21st Dec 2013

    I bought 2 of these organic bean bag chairs for grandsons...THEY love them, and so do I ! It is so much easier to play with them on the ground than sitting on a floor or using pillows to prop myself up. They are truly comfy and eco friendly to boot!

  • Autistic son loves it

    by Michael R. – 9th Dec 2013

    Our son has high functioning autism and he loves your bean bag. He loves the way they feel. That's why we chose yours and have bought 2 more!

  • Ordering 3rd one!!

    by Dana – 6th Dec 2013

    Love your beanbags!! I'm getting ready to order our 3rd from you today!! My kids love them too!! These are very well made and comfy!!


    by Lorraine Jones – 21st Nov 2013

    We looked everywhere for a quality bean bag with organic covering!! These bags are amazing!! 1 year old and a 4 year old...they love them and so do we!! Highly rec these opposed to pottery barn too!!! Both are a little flat about to get the refill...as these are great jumping bags too:)) Love them, only thing I would do is personalize next time!!

  • High Quality

    by Sailor mom – 23rd Sep 2013

    My teen loves this bean bag chair. Super well made , nice fabric and it's just squishy enough to be comfortable but still supportive while sitting to read or do homework. The Made in USA factor was important to us as we were researching bean bag chairs too. Would definitely purchase one of these again!

  • Love this Organic Bean Bag!

    by Samantha Cobos – 6th Sep 2013

    Wonderful lime green organic bean bag! It is so full and comfy. The bean bag is in our beach house - read our blog and see photos of the bean bag in the house here: http://pureinspireddesign.blogspot.com/2013/09/announcing-new-addition-pure-sol-beach.html

  • Thanks for Everything, It's Great!

    by Leslie L. from Charlottesville VA – 17th Jul 2013

    I purchased a red organic cotton washable Large Bean Bag Chair from AHH Products for Christmas 2010 for our then kindergartner. As their website had detailed, after some time, countless hours of reading time and many jumps in to it, the bag needed additional stuffing. I ordered some and it arrived promptly. When I went to refill it and opened the cover zipper, some stuffing started to fall out all over.

    I called and told them I believed I had a defective liner. They said they'd be happy to replace it and do a partial refill if I would pay to ship it back. Upon the rep's advice, I shipped it back in the box the stuffing had come in for under $20. From there, AHH products did all this and more. They said they thought there was a catch with the cover zipper and so they replaced the cover, the liner, and did a partial refill before shipping it back to me ... ALL of this at NO CHARGE to me. Once I got it back to them, they had it back to me before I could even call to check and make sure it had arrived safely. Terrific product and very kind and helpful customer service folks.

    Why can't all companies do business like this... the old fashioned way? Our country would be in a lot better shape if it were true. Thanks, AHH!

  • comfy bags

    by J.A. – 15th Jan 2013

    We have two of these bean bags and LOVE them! They are comfy bags to sit in. Our kids use them all the time for reading. Shipping was very fast, and the covers are excellent quality! I love that they're removable so you can wash them as needed - very nice!

  • best bean bag

    by Janet – 4th Jan 2013

    Being organic it a big plus for me. The material is soft not rough like some others I looked at. The bag as a whole is well made. The fact that it's water repellant is great.

  • Organic Bean Bags

    by Erica @ Confessions – 27th Dec 2012

    We LOVE these bean bags, the stuffing is excellent, and the bags are very comfortable to sit in. Size is great for kids play room too! I also love that it is eco-friendly!

  • Amazing Product

    by April – 19th Dec 2012

    This is an excellent product that is of quality and organic! It is very stylish and comfortable. My kids love it, and I would definitely recommend this bean bag for any family.

  • Eco-friendly, kid friendly, and stylish, too!

    by Kara – 25th Nov 2012

    Our four kids, from toddler to tween, LOVE our organic bean bag! The cover is so soft, making it the coziest seat in the house. And this parent appreciates the easy zip off washable cover and the waterproof lining. The 10 year warranty is pretty amazing, too!

  • Alternative

    by Shopper – 13th Nov 2012

    Thanks for offering an organic alternative. It was hard to find you but I'm glad I finally did.

  • Finally! Organic bean bags

    by Tina – 12th Nov 2012

    I was very happy to finally find an organic bean bag. These bean bags are not only super comfortable & stylish, they are eco-friendly as well.