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NEW! LiL Me Doll Bean Bags!

NEW! Matching Girl-Doll Bean Bags!

Delightful Dots (many colors)

  • 37" Aqua with Chartreuse Dots
  • 37" Aqua with Chartreuse Dots
  • 37" wide Delightful Dots - Hot Pink with Orange Dots
  • Orange with Hot Pink Dots
  • 37" Blush Pink with Light Pink Dots
  • 37" Light Pink with Blush Pink Dots
  • 37" Tan with Light Tan Dots
  • 37" Brown with Gray Dots
  • 37" Gray with Brown Dots
  • 37" Hot Pink with Orange Dots - View 2
  • 37" Tan with Light Tan Dots - View 2
  • 14" wide Doll Hot Pink with Orange Dots
  • 14" wide Doll Aqua with Chartreuse Dots
  • Image 14
  • 27" with 7 year old
  • 27" with 7 year old
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Product Description

Our Delightful Dots bean bags include everything you need:  a 100% cotton, machine-wash cover, a water-repel poly-microfiber liner, and filling.  Our bean bags won't break like others do!  Everyone who sees this style falls in love with it.  From style-savvy Mommies to sophisticated teens to smart kiddies, this one is sure to please.  The cover fabric is from a Covington fabric line, very high-quality!

This beautiful bean bag chair has 2 inch wide dots.  Simply remove the cover and put it in the wash when needed.  Our bean bag chairs have double-stitched seams on the cover and liner, so you get superior durability.  Combine that with our exclusive water-repellent liner and you get a bean bag chair that will last for years, unlike those cheapie bean bags out there.  Leaking filling?  No way!  Liners also come with child-resistant zippers.

Choose from:
Hot Pink Background with Orange Dots (not available in 52" size)
Orange Background with Hot Pink Dots (not available in 52" size)
Aqua Blue Background with Chartreuse Dots
Chartreuse Background with Aqua Blue Dots
Blush Pink Background with Light Pink Dots
Tan Background with Light Tan Dots
Gray Background with Dark Brown Dots
Dark Brown Background with Gray Dots

Note that the photos are close ups of the fabric.  You really can't tell how beautiful it is!  Request a free swatch.

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Choose your size:
(27") under 3 feet tall
(32") under 5 feet tall
(37") most kids and adults - most popular size
(52") multiple kids, larger adults. 52" comes in 2 boxes - first box holds bean bag half-filled, second box holds remaining filling that you put into the liner yourself
(14") dolls, stuffed animals
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Choose your filling type:
Reground is small pieces of styrofoam that vary in shape and size, from about 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Virgin bead is 1/8 inch round balls (like BBs).
Read more about filling types...

reground.jpg  virgin.jpg


There are 3 review(s) for Delightful Dots (many colors)

  • Quality product

    by Jen – 12th Apr 2014

    Great chair, both my 7 year old and my 1 year old love it. It is fun without being too cutesy or babyish, and really comfy too.

  • Like the other reviewer, I love mine too!

    by Christine G. – 27th Aug 2013

    Just got more filling for it. I really do love my bean bag chair.

  • I love my bean bag!!

    by Heather, teacher – 29th Jan 2013

    I love my bean bag!! I am a middle school librarian and the kids fight to sit and read in it. The best part is not only the great quality of the bean bag, but I can also take off the cover to wash it when it gets dirty! Thank you for such a great product!