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Customer Testimonials about
AHH! Bean Bag Chairs


This is PAGE 11 of more comments and feedback about our bean bag chairs. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send us your kind words!

If you have feedback for us, just contact us!

I love the custom order you did for me last week and the stock bean bag, too.  My one-year-old loved it so much, she tried to pull it out from under her 4 year-old brother so she could have a turn as well!  Thanks for your great product and great customer service. -S.R.

We love our 37" Dark Olive we purchased last December! -T.A.

Hi, I love your website! -M.E.

Thank you very much. -A.S., Amanda's Charities, LLC

I ordered (2) 52" chairs last year (2006). They are great. Thanks again. -F.W., M.D.

AHH Products loves their customers.  That's why we keep coming back, they really take care of us. -P.M.

The 6 bean bags are for Sunday School.  Everyone was worried about getting bean bags that would end up leaking, but we are very impressed by the quality and how they look!  One of our teenagers commented on how comfortable it was, but too bad for him because the bean bags are for the smaller kids.  We're going to end up getting more for the older kids too probably. -J.M.

I have two of your bean bags. We love them. I need to buy refill for one of them. How do I get the $30 discount? Thank you. -J.L.

I'm a returning customer (happy owner of two bean bag chairs) and would like the $30 discount for refills. -T.L.

Love it! Works really well.  My 1 and half year old daughter absolutely loves it, she ends up fightig with my husband for it.  We're replacing some floor pillows, so my husband suggested we get another AHH bean bag chair. (they ordered another Ahh beanbag). -D.S.

I love my Ahhhh bean bag! Just got it and you know, it's just hard to buy things on the internet without feeling it, so I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I am that my bean bag is so perrrrrfect! So, have a great day and I'll definitely pass on the word about Ahh Products! Thanks -M.M.

We have 2 of your bean bag chairs and we love them.  We need 2 more to match them! -Returning Shopper

Just love the beanbag chair   ... birthday is september but know already that little and big sister will share the 'seat' to read and play together!!! thanks! -B.C.

We ordered the custom bean bags made with our fabric.  We love them, they're beautiful. Thank you, -G.L.

I previously ordered products from you, and I'm very happy with them.  I'm calling to place another order! -A.A.

Our friend bought one of your bean bags for her daughter and every time me and my boyfriend visit, he falls asleep in it!  He just loves it.  We want to get one for ourselves now. -J.S.

We previously have purchased an Ahh bean bag chair from you and we love it! -C.S.

Thanks for your note.  It's always great doing business with AHH, your products and service are top notch! -S.R.

We purchased a 37" denim bean bag in 2004.  We may also order a second bean bag soon as well.  We love them! -A.B.

We love our bean bags! The kids fought over the first one, so we're getting another. Now I'll fight with the kids over these. -D.K.

Just received our Ahh bean bag chair and we love it! We'd like to order some more. Thank you very much. -M.S.

The bean bag came today for my granddaughter and it is just the cutest thing!  I'm really pleased with it and I'm just thrilled. Thanks a bunch! -M.J.

We were expecting the shipping charge, go ahead and ship it [to Canada.]  We don't mind because our family loves your beanbags, that's why we're buying more! -R.R.

We have the 52" giant size bean bag.  Oh gosh, we love it!  It's in our basement and we just love it! -L.A.

Thank you for your wonderful customer service.  You can be sure I will recommend you to all our friends and family. -L.O.

We currently have one of your wonderful bean bags,  from 2006!  We'd like to order another cover for it. -K.E.

Love them!!!! Can't wait to give them to the kids on Christmas and then sit in them myself!!!  Thank you, -E.L.

It arrived and looks great, thanks! -E.C.

We love them!  I've got 2 kids that never nap, and they're sleeping in their bean bags right now!  -J.K.

So surprised we got them before Christmas, we ordered just a few days before!  Thanks! -K.S.

I received my bean bags today, I love them! -H.S.

I've been looking at your website for quite a while, but ended up ordering from another company.  They turned out to be awful! I'd like to order from you now! -A.L.

We love them! They're in the girls' game room. -S.N.

They look beautiful! Thank you so much! -K.M.

Thank you very much!!  We can't wait to receive our bean bag chairs!  We have a 16 month old that has a place cleared out in his room for his chair and the larger one will go in the den for the 3 of us to enjoy!  Glad we found you!!  Thanks! -K.R.

Santa brought us two of the small bean bags for our kids (2 and 5).  They LOVE them and so do we.  They are perfect for watching TV and bringing to the coffee table for game night.  On New Years Eve, they stacked them up to watch a movie. The bags are so soft and stable at the same time.  There is NO plastic smell and we love the covers. They are also terrific for moving from room to room - the kids can carry them. Well done! Enjoy the photos! I am sure I will have more pictures in the future since the kids LOVE them! ...we sure want MORE!  We have been emailing those pictures to many people - telling them about these awesome bean bags! -W from California

Hello Friends at AHH, I appreciate your excellent customer service, including a phone call even, to follow up on the 'missing' box.  Quality products and excellent service.  You can't beat that. Wishing you all a happy (and full of sales) new year. Best, -L.S.

I ordered a bean bag chair from you a bit late, but you still got it to me before Christmas.  Thank you!  -Customer

Hello! I bought one of your bean bags back in 2003 and it's still going strong. Everyone loves it! Our kids body surf on it (with supervision, of course!), my husband loves it & I think it's warm and cosy. Now we need another one, so I can put one in each of our kids rooms. I have all the filling beans because I made a bean bag a few years ago, but I'd love to buy a liner & a cover from you, so I can get the same cover as our current much loved bean bag & avoid any sibling arguments! I love our current bean bag - hope I can get one to match it. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks very much! Hopefully, -K.H.

Hi Ahh- Thanks for your quick response. it's greatly appreciated!  The second bean bag arrived this morning. Merry Christmas! -T.J.

No problem. I love your bean bags and too bad that stripe isn't avail.  I'll try again after the holidays. -R.R.


Thank you for your quick response and delivering them.  It will be our pleasure to spread the word! Merry Christmas, -D.F & M.F

Thank you for your kind consideration with processing my order.  My grandson's bean bag chair arrived right on schedule.  Have a wonderful holiday!  -R.T.

Happy Holidays, I received my order today, a giant sized bean bag, a small one, and a fleece blanket.  Beautiful! But the giant bag didn't seem full, so I checked your website and, as I expected, read that half of the beans come in a separate box.  We didn't receive the second box, so I'd just like to check and make sure it was shipped. even half full, I get the kids out of it! Thank you, -L.S.

Hi!  I did receive the bags today and they looked great.  Really excited about giving them to the children.  Thank you so much for responding! -A.P.

Thanks.  I will recommend you. -M.M.

Hello, Thank you very much for the complimentary delivery of our bean bag yesterday.  I really appreciate the great customer service.  The chair is currently hidden away until Christmas morning, when I am sure it will be a big hit.  I will certainly "spread the word" about your company! Thanks so much, -K.H.

I had inserted the paper clip incorrectly.  I took it out and reinserted it correctly and was able to open the zipper on the liner.  It appears that it will work out okay.  Thank you very much for all your kindness and patience. With much appreciation, -E.M.

Thank you for following up. I'm very impressed with your customer service. I hope they arrive tomorrow! Thank you again. -G.P.

What a friendly company - Thanks again!! -P.F.

Beautiful! I've got 2 8-year olds and I can get in there with them too.  My son's 13 year old friend came over and slept in it overnight, I didn't have to make up a bed for him, he just slept right in the bean bag! -D.S.

Our bean bag chair was a big invesment for us but...our daughter loves it!  She uses it every day everywhere!  We've had other bean bags, but they've just fallen apart.  We homeschool and our daughter lies on her stomach to read, then on her back, she's like a contortionist on it. Thanks! -B.R.

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