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My Best-of Valentines Gifts: Bean Bags and DIY Ideas

Posted on February 1, 2013

Is it February already?  Seems like just yesterday that I was stressing out over Christmas gifts for everyone, thinking to myself I should just give everyone another Ahh! Products bean bag chair since that always gets a smile.  Well, as we all know, February brings yet another holiday where some sort of gift giving is required.  I'm the kind of person that can't just go out and pick something up with little thought, and give it to a loved one "as long as it comes with a gift receipt, they can always exchange it".  That makes logical sense to me, and it would certainly be easier, but I really enjoy giving gifts that shows I put thought and effort into it. 

So, in 13 days, Valentine's Day will be here.  I'm sure I'm not alone in believing that Valentines' Day isn't just for wives and girlfriends.  Valentine's Day for me includes something for my significant other as well as my daughter.  This means I need to start thinking about what they want and enjoy, what makes them happy.  Last year, I blogged about making coupon books for everyone.  They were a big hit!  Not only is it free and totally DIY, it was the gift that kept on giving throughout the year since my family could redeem the coupons whenever they wanted.

Let me share again my ideas on how to create kid/woman/man-friendly coupon books. To make a coupon book, you can be as fancy or as simple as you like, as long as you staple or tie sheets of paper together!  I admit that I just used regular copy paper for the actual coupon tickets, and spruced up the cover with plain ol' construction paper and a gel marker.  I punched a hole through every sheet in the corner and tied it all together with a ribbon.  If you're not so crafty, just staple pages together and decorate the front with markers or crayons with your own designs - Say I Love You, and add dots/squiggly lines/hearts/etc. - that would actually be really cute and totally handmade-looking!  (Like the awesome cards your kids make you, which you treasure more than any store-bought one, right?!)


These ideas below are only excerpts from my original posts, go to the other posts for even more ideas - they are really quite good I think.

Coupons for Kids!
1. Breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast, etc.
2. They choose what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack
3. A get-away-with-it pass (I'd add restrictions here, like *only if Mom agrees)
4. An trip to the park/zoo/swimming pool, etc.
5. $X and a trip to the dollar store or Target's bargain bins for a mini shopping spree
6. A pass not to eat something on their plate, no questions asked
7. A pass not to practice their instrument
8. A family bike ride, job, roller-blading, hike
9. A pass to skip a chore
10. A smartphone or ipad app upon your final approval

More ideas at my other post: Coupon books for kids

Coupons for Men!
1. A get-away-with-it pass (you might want to say *not really important stuff)

2. Kiss (you can elaborate)
3. A great big hug
4. A trip to the Home Improvement store - get something under $X...no questions asked
5. His favorite meal, at whatever time he chooses
6. A shoulder massage (restrict the time here ladies!)
7. A day on his own without you or the kids (again, set the time limits!)
8. You'll take out the trash/walk the dog/etc. instead of him
9. You'll help the kids with their homework
10. A meal in bed (I'd say *only on the weekend)

More ideas at: Coupon books for men

Coupons for Women!
1. Tell her you can't live without her, right in front of your friends!
2. Tell her you'll love her forever, in front of her family
3. Do a chore from the honey-do list for her
4. A day without him or the kids
5. An outing with the girls for X hours
6. A manicure/pedicure at the local spa
7. A day off from cooking breakfast or lunch or dinner (Dad and the kids will do it!)
8. A car wash (better yet, get her car detailed!)
9. A pass to start a discussion on any topic and be listened to for at least X amount of time
10. Her choice of what to watch on tv for the next hour, and you watch it with her (no hiding in the kitchen or bathroom!)

More at: Coupon books for women

Do you have ideas to share for coupons?

Yours truly, Jade


Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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