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Bean Bag Chairs and Other Unique Valentines Gifts for Women

Posted on February 8, 2012

This is my third and last installment of what super unique gift you can give for Valentines Day that is easy, free, and will take about 15 minutes.  I'm talking about handmade coupon books.  This one is for all the lovely ladies out there.  And for the ladies reading this post, get your man to read this post.  If he's too lazy, then make this book for yourself and tell him it's from him to you (and he better read it since he'll be doing everything that's in it).

It's so simple: staple together coupon-size sheets of paper and jot down things to do, to see, or to get away with!

1. A kiss
2. A hug (in public)
3. Her choice of something from the honey-do list that he's been putting off
4. A day without him or the kids
5. An outing with the girls for X hours
6. A manicure/pedicure at the local spa
7. A day off from cooking breakfast or lunch or dinner (Dad and the kids will do it!)
8. A meal in bed
9. A pass to start a discussion on any topic and be listened to for at least 30 minutes
10. Her choice of what to watch on tv for the next hour
11. Her choice of what movie to go to (and you have to go with her) 
12. Her choice from the honey-do list (yes, this one bears repeating)
13. Her choice on a chore everyone will do for her (i.e. picking up the house)
14. A family photo session where everyone must dress how she wants and sit still for at least an hour for her to get that perfect shot to frame
15. An hour to take a bath or very long, hot shower, no interruptions (brownie points for setting up the bath for her, with candles)
16. A trip to the grocery/drug store
17. A car wash
18. A car detail!
19. Tell her you love her, in front of your family
20. Tell her you can't live without her, in front of your friends!

Give us more ideas!

And last, but not least, a final shout-out to https://www.ahhprods.com/ bean bag chairs, because they are just as super unique and awesome for Valentines Day as your coupon book.  Machine washable, comfortable, and not-another-box-of-chocolates!  Women will love to lounge out in any of our bean bag chairs styled in so many carefully chosen fabrics, colors, and prints.  How about a faux fur leopard one to match her favorite coat!


Yours truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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