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Bean Bag Chairs and Other Unique Valentines Gifts for Men

Posted on February 1, 2012

This is part 2 of my 'Make Valentine's Coupon Books for..." blog.  Or, also known as: free, easy, and fun gift idea for Valentines Day that you can do yourself in less than half an hour!

For the Man in your life, first I have to mention that he would absolutely love you for getting him a big, comfy bean bag chair!  Am I right?  Ahh Products bean bag chairs come in so many fabrics, colors, and styles that you're sure to find the perfect one to get his groove on.

And, neatly placed atop this awesome gift would be your thoughtful, handmade coupon book of love...

Staple some paper together and make coupons for him:

1. A get-away-with-it pass
2. Kisses
3. Hugs
4. A trip to the Home Improvement store to buy whatever he wants under $X...no questions asked
5. His favorite meal
6. A shoulder massage
7. A day on his own without you or the kids
8. You'll take out the trash/walk the dog/etc. instead of him
9. You'll help the kids with their homework
10. A meal in bed
11. A foot massage
12. A pass on skipping a chore
13. An outing with the guys for X hours, no interruptions
14. A pass for you to get him a beer/soda/whatever from the kitchen
15. A pass to get out of an argument (forever or for the next X hours, you may want to exclude "major" stuff)
16. His choice of what to watch on tv for the next hour
17. His choice of what movie to see
18.  A pass to get out of going somewhere (a relative's house, a party, etc.)
19.  You'll take the kids somewhere instead of him
20.  A carte blanche pass to do anything he wants (with your final approval of course)

Give us more ideas!

Yours truly, Jade

Next installment: Coupons for Women! (not intended to sound weird!)

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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