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Bean Bag Chairs Size Matters - Tips for Kids

Posted on Monday, 02 August 2010
Bean bag chair sizing for adults was discussed in my previous post, now let's talk about the right size bean bag chairs for your kids!   Again, sizes discussed here reference AHH! Products bean bag chairs, but you can find the same sizes at most retailers.

These are some great tips to think about when purchasing bean bag chairs for kids.  We'll define that as someone shorter than 5 feet tall.  (Age really doesn't matter for the most part when it comes to bean bag chair sizing, assuming the child can safely use a bean bag to begin with. It's how tall and big that counts.)

1.  First, some words of CAUTION. If your child is unable to get herself out from under a bean bag easily by herself, don't use bean bags until she can.  We suggest a two year minimum age, but that's up to you in the end.  Make sure you instruct all children to never, EVER hold a child underneath a bean bag chair.  You're going to want to use the same common sense you would apply to a large pillow where suffocation can occur!

2.  Some more CAUTION.  If your child is disabled, bean bag chairs can often be a welcome type of seating.  It will mold more to your child's body and allow him to move around easier if they get antsy or need to adjust position often for comfort, as compared to traditional chairs.   Just be extra careful that they don't fall off the side.  Try placing the bean bag between two soft-ish stationary objects, like a sofa and ottoman, with a bit of space between the bean bag chair and the objects to allow for wiggle room.

3.  And just a bit more CAUTION.  When I just had my baby, I put her in a 37 inch bean bag chair.  It molded to her body and since she really didn't move much as a newborn, it was the perfect safe nest for her.  It was a God send while I did laundry, dishes, etc..  If you do this, however, NEVER leave your child unattended.  Have her, cuddled in the bean bag, right next to you!  And do NOT do this if your child is rolling over already, as she may suffocate if you're not keeping a very watchful eye.

4.  If your child is 3 feet tall or less, you can get away with the 27 inch small size bean bag chair.  It is big enough to be comfy, but small enough for them to easily take around with them.  This promotes a sense of ownership, great for self-esteem and confidence.  Even when they outgrow it and it's not big enough to snuggle into anymore, it can still be used to lean against and even sit atop of.  And, any bean bag size can be used as an ottoman to kick up tired feet!

5.  If your little one is 3 to 4 feet tall, I suggest the 32 inch standard size bean bag chairs.  However, since kids grow so fast, I often suggest considering the 37 inch size so it will last for many many years.  This does not hold true, though, if you have a space limitation and the 37 inches takes up too much room.  You never want a bean bag chair to become a nuisance!  All size bean bag chairs, 37 inches and smaller, can be stowed away in a closet or stacked in a corner when not in use.  And all sizes, 37 inches and smaller, can be carried or dragged by most children.  They will undoubtedly take if from room to room and probably want to take it along on vacations!

6.  If your child is over 4 feet, I think it's a waste of money to get anything smaller than the 37 inch size bean bag chairs.  Again, unless there's not enough room for it.  Remember that you can push bean bag chairs up against a wall or other large stationary object like a sofa to raise up the back and reduce the floor space it takes up.

7.  If you plan to have more than one child on the bean bag, or you plan to sit on it with her, opt for the 52 inch giant size bean bag chairs.  As this size gets a bit flatter and is less poofy, it will have enough slack to allow multiple kids and/or adults to sit in it. 

I hope these tidbits prove helpful in your search for the perfect bean bag chairs for your children!

Yours truly,
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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