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NEW! LiL Me Doll Bean Bags!

NEW! Matching Doll Bean Bags!

SALE! Bubbly Cotton (many colors)

  • 37" Citrus
  • 37" Lake
  • LiL Me Matching 14" Doll Jelly Bean & 37" Jelly Bean
  • 37" Cocoa with 8 year old model
  • 37" Latte
  • Sizes: 27", 32", 37" best seller, 52" wide
  • 37" Citrus with 8 year old models
  • Image 8
  • Ahh Bean Bags Hold Up to Kid Play!
  • Perfect for reading corners!
  • 37" Jelly Bean with 8 year old model
  • 37" Jelly Bean with 8 year old model
  • 37" Latte with 8 year old model
  • 14" LiL Me Doll-Size
  • 14" wide Doll Bubbly Citrus
  • 14" wide Doll Bubbly Watermelon
  • 14" wide Doll Bubbly Lake
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We do not offer filling anymore. You can find it on Amazon. Call 703-298-7516 for help.

Here are a few helpful links:

About Our Bean Bags (covers, liners, filling)
About Organic Cotton Bean Bags (only the cover is organic)
Choosing the Right Size *52" comes in 2 boxes: read more here
10 Year Warranty
Flammability Code (all filled bean bags have flame retardant on the filling; only "Kinetic Energy-plum" bean bags have flame retardant on the cover)


There are 23 review(s) for SALE! Bubbly Cotton (many colors)

  • 10+ years & counting!

    by Karen H – 28th Feb 2022

    We purchased our beanbags one year for Christmas & our girls have loved them ever since! The washable covers have a come in handy over the years whether someone got sick, spilled something, or even a pet having an accident on them. They are finally just now in need of a refill!

  • Best bean bag...10 years and counting

    by Lauren C – 14th Jul 2020

    I have purchased a bean bag for each of my children. They are loved and well used and still look like they are new. We’ve owned them for more than 10 years. On top of that our dogs love them too! Well worth the higher price for good quality, excellent customer service and an all around awesome product

  • Our dogs love these beanbags

    by Unknown – 24th Oct 2019

    We have had 3 of these. They last a long time and the dogs love them.

  • Bought 2 in 2011, 1 more in 2013

    by Aletha – 29th Dec 2017

    We bought our first 2 of these bean bags when my kids were 3 and 5 (for Christmas 6 years ago!), we had another kiddo and bought a 3rd bean bag a couple years later. We all use them every single day for reading, watching movies, whatever. They have held up well in the washing machine when needed. We've refilled once, all 3 are needing some more filling now. Thanks for a great quality product.

  • They still love them after 2 years!

    by Paige – 3rd Jan 2017

    We purchased two kids bean bag chairs two years ago and they still love them! They are now 4 1/2 and 7. They were excited to create the perfect reading corner with their bean bag chairs after taking down this year's Christmas tree. They wash beautifully and hold up under lots of jumping, dragging and sitting.

  • Great product!

    by Anna – 25th Aug 2016

    We have had a 37" for almost 3 years and it is very well loved by all four of our girls! The filler compressed to about half, but the chair is still comfy. I do plan to order more filler soon, just so it's not so low to the ground.

  • 4 Kids, 2 Bags, Fantastic Results

    by Francis H. – 13th Feb 2016

    We've got one each of the Citrus and Cocoa "Bubbly Cotton" bags and can't believe how well they've held up for the past four years through four kids using them daily, dragging them around, and jumping on them.

    Highly recommended to many friends. Great product and fantastic service.

  • Amazingly Durable

    by Max in Indiana – 9th Dec 2015

    Bought this 3 or 4 years ago now and looks like new, even though my daughter constantly jumps on it, dives into it, and opens it up and crawls around inside it. Highly recommend!

  • Best gift ever from Grandparents!

    by Donna Pritchett – 6th Sep 2015

    We purchased this beanbag for one of our granddaughters several years ago and have purchased beanbags for two more since. They use them all the time, not always gently either.! The covers have been washed and they have been refilled several times and they are still good as new.
    We have another grandchild on the way and will surely be ordering another beanbag soon.

  • Great beanbag.

    by Unknown – 19th Nov 2014

    Kids and adults all love it

  • 27" bubbly lake bean bag chair

    by Kathleen – 5th Sep 2014

    Ordered this for my then 14 month old grand daughter December 2013. A bit pricey but I am willing to pay for made in usa. As it turns out it is very well made. The cotton cover is tough and very durable but very soft to the touch. Was happy to discover that the inner bean bag is equipped with the child safe lock zipper. I am ready to order some filler to fluff it up. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and would purchase another here.

  • just fantastic

    by Jill – 18th Apr 2014

    I bought the chair to create a fabulous reading nook. It is simply a great bean bag chair. My daughter loves it . And washable?!? Just an incredible chair.

  • Comfy, durable, and well designed

    by Kay – 26th Feb 2014

    We have owned 2 of these chairs for at least 4 years. They are used daily and still look great. I love that they are washable. I would absolutely recommend them.

  • Great BB chairs!

    by Lisa K – 5th Feb 2014

    My three children received these as gifts for Christmas 3 years ago. They have been a huge hit with the whole family and get a TON of use. The fabric is truly still like new and I believe the testimonials that state they've had them for years and expect to have them for many more. Attractive , sturdy fabrics and superbly made, I would recommend these to anyone.

  • The best bean bags!!...

    by Dana....KS – 4th Jan 2014

    I recently purchased a 3rd beanbag from AHH! These are the best...comfort level, quality, customer service, & more. All 3 of my kids have one now, including a tiny one for my youngest daughters doll! You can't go wrong ordering from here!

  • Used daily by my young boys - wonderful quality!

    by Aletha – 1st Dec 2013

    We bought these last Christmas for our sons, then ages 4 and 6. The idea was to save our couches from getting rearranged into "nests" all the time and give them a place to snuggle up. WOW - we have all used them so much! EVERY single night we sit and read in them before bed. As I write this, my husband is sitting in one in front of the fireplace! We love these beanbags. I am placing my order right now for one more - my 2 year old wants his own bean bag! Thank you for such great quality. Love the washable bags and liners!! The best!!

  • Great in our library

    by E. Mccluskey, Library Manager – 26th Nov 2013

    Saw them at another library and came right back and bought for my library. I'm the library manager. They're great, used constantly, held up, great colors, love these beanbags!

  • Highly Recommend Their Bean Bags

    by Kelly – 21st Nov 2013

    We have had our bean bag for close to 10 years and still love it. My kids and their friends sometimes use it as a landing pad and it holds up perfectly. Besides having to refill a few times over the years it still looks new. Absolutely 100% worth the money!

  • Special Needs - Favorite Seat

    by Cathy - TX – 9th Jul 2013

    We need to get another "Bubbly" bean bag because we left our other one at our beach house. We have a special needs daughter and it's where she likes to sit everyday. Regretfully, I don't have enough time to personalize it this time - Thanks for shipping it as soon as possible - we are scrambling for another one!

  • Bean Bags Rock

    by KH in Maryland – 25th Mar 2013

    Thank you for such wonderful products. We have four little kids, and these bean bags just rock.

  • Great bean bags

    by Jennifer – 6th Dec 2012


    I purchased two of your bean bags last year for Christmas gifts for my two kids - they LOVE them, and so do I. "Santa" got the "Let's Play" for my son and the "bubbly" style for my daughter.

  • design, quality, comfort!

    by N.H. – 3rd Dec 2012

    Thank you so much!! We absolutely love the design, quality and comfort!!!

  • bubbly citrus review

    by Nichol – 3rd Dec 2012

    The kids love their new bean bag chair. It is really full when it arrives but does get more comfortable after use or kids jumping on it. The bag conforms to the body, holding you up for a comfy place to sit. Thanks.