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Real Cost of Made In USA Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It's almost 10am, the day after we found out how much FedEx has raised our shipping costs starting January 2, 2012.  If I could describe the shock that ensued after the announcement was made to everyone at AHH! Products, it would not be a pretty picture.  Since we started manufacturing and offering bean bag chairs in 1998, shipping costs (as well as other costs) has been steadily increasing at least a few times every year.  What used to cost us about $25 to ship a bean bag chair, now costs us up to a whopping $100!  Yes, folks, that's just the amount we pay to FedEx for them to deliver our bean bags to the American people.  Crazy!

Sadly, it's no suprise why so many American businesses end up closing their doors.  Too many companies buying products from oveseas at a lower price than what American companies can compete with.  And, I don't think I need to remind anyone of how disasterous non-USA-made products can be in terms of quality and safety.  The bean bag chair industry is no different.  We pay our employees exponentially higher wages than overseas factories, not to mention taxes.  We pay various costs to abide by US laws and regulations, such as for licenses and testing.  (Well, we do, but many American bean bag companies do not follow all the requirements...tsk tsk!)  We buy materials such as fabric, zippers, and thread from US companies to help support our economy, which of course all costs much more than if we bought these goods directly from overseas.  I'm talking WAY more to support US companies.

Made in America

Is it tempting to throw our philosophy out the window and join the other bean bag companies and simply resell imported, lower-quality, lower-cost products to make a bigger profit?  Hmmm...sometimes, but for just a few seconds.  Because you know what?  As long as we can stay afloat, we're going to keep on supporting this great country!  Made-in-USA pride is priceless (assuming it doesn't price us right out of business).

Sure, I understand that getting a good deal and comparing prices is super important in this economy.  But a good deal to me is getting a bean bag that's going to last years, from a company that's going to take care of you even 10 years out.  Ask some of these other companies about their warranty and after-the-sale customer care and see what you get...not much.  That's because they buy their products cheap from someone else, and don't quite stand behind them 100%.  And I'm not just talking about small retailers in it for a fast buck, do you think the big brand names have a dedicated bean bag chair factory based in the US? Ha!  In fact, we are constantly contacted by the same overseas factories that sell products to our competitors.  They want us to start reselling the same stuff that's already flooded the market.  That doesn't help anyone.

I just hope that Americans understand this dilemma, and continue to support us.  At the end of the day, AHH Products offers fantastic bean bags that we are proud of.  If not for US companies that still care about quality and customer service, you're left with questionable goods and service as your only choice.  That's scary!


Yours truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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