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Which Bean Bag Chair is for You?

Posted on Monday, 10 January 2011

There are many styles and sizes of bean bag chairs and bean bag furniture available these days, offering many options for decorating and convenience.

For instance, large bean bags are an easy match for almost any piece of furniture in the house, and are especially perfect for activity rooms and in guest receiving areas. For homes with lots of kids or with limited space, a cluster of smaller kid's bean bag chairs can provide flexible options for seating.

Homes or apartments with a home theater system, computers, or console game systems on the other hand, can benefit from using bean bag chairs instead of the usual sofas or lounge furniture. In case the space inside a room is limited but extra seats must be provided, the standard 32 inch bean bags or the premium 37 inch bean bag chairs may fit better. The stylish and variety of sizes of our bean bags allows for a lot of flexibility in your decor. We've had our smallest bean bag chairs also used as footstools.

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