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Washable, Durable Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on Monday, 07 February 2011

With its extremely soft, perfectly sized styrofoam or PVC contents, the bean bag chair is probably everybody’s favorite spot in the house. It is likely that in a month’s time, its covers can accumulate a lot of dirt from the people who sit on it for many hours.

There’s no doubt that a month’s worth of accumulated dust, food mishaps, sweat, pet dander and spilled drinks will merit thorough washing. And if the covers of a bean bag chair are made of low-quality or flimsy material, the bean bag may lose its glory after a couple of weeks.

Fortunately, recent technology in manufacturing bean bags has employed water-repellent microfibers for the outer lining of these chairs. With this material, water simply beads up and rolls off.

AHHProds.com offers bean bag chairs that easily repel water. Moreover, the outer shells are handmade, double-stitched and extremely durable to withstand a washing machine. You can find an assortment of quality bean bags at AHH! Products Bean Bag Chairs today.

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