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Unique Gift and Activity Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted on Monday, 03 May 2010
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9 this year.  I'm a Mommy, so I can tell you it's a VERY special day for us.  For all the things we do for our families, it's nice to know we are appreciated at least once every year (so you better make Mom feel extra loved on Sunday!).

Here are 10 unique gift and activity ideas to do for Mother's Day that are easy and fun:

1. Of course, Ahhprods.com bean bag chairs are a part of my everyday life as a bean bag chair store owner.  How about making one a part of Mom's life?  A bean bag chair nestled beside a good lamp or next to a bright window can be Mom's favorite reading nook.  Get 2 bean bags, one for her tush and one to kick up her tired feet!  Here's me in mine:

2. Go to the library or bookstore and get a book about something Mom is interested in: gardening, antiques, quilting, fashion, animals, etc.  She will appreciate that her family pays attention to what she likes.  She may even be quite surprised you noticed!  Make a bookmark covered in thank you notes to her.

3. Make Mom a kite and decorate it with notes about how much you love her.  Go fly it!  How to make a simple kite: http://www.allfreecrafts.com/kids/paper-kites.shtml

4. On a big sheet of poster paper, everyone contribute to a list of all the things she does for you.  From basic stuff like what your favorite meal is to little things you notice like waking up before you every morning to make sure you're not late for school.  Mothers sacrifice because we love, but we don't necessarily like doing the laundry, so it's nice our work is noticed!  Everybody sign and date it.

5. Draw a portrait of the family with Mom in the middle.  Be creative with crayons, markers, glitter, etc.  Draw everyone sitting on bean bag chairs!  If you want to reach out to extended family, draw a family tree and get everyone on the tree to write a note to Mom next to their name.  How to: http://www.ehow.com/video_4774628_draw-family-tree-diagram.html
6. Make a storybook depicting a day in the life of what Mom does for the family.  Put your book on top of her bean bag chair so she can read it as soon as she sees her new reading nook.  Don't forget to dedicate it to her and include every author's name.

7. Post a tribute online about all the wonderful things Mom does: http://kidsturncentral.com/holidays/mothers/mgreet.htm (scroll to bottom of page to submit your message).

8. Plan a picnic at a local park or in the backyard.  Bring a jar filled with thank you notes.  Take your personalized kite.

9. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner, go around the table and tell Mom why you love her and what she does for you.  Give her a hug after each speech.

10. Moms can never get enough coupon books!  I mean the ones that offer her a foot massage from Dad, breakfast in bed from the kids, one week of making her bed for her, 1 hour a day free of distractions to sit and read on her bean bag chair, etc.  Make sure you are willing to do what your coupon offers!

So, for all the Dads out there: print this out and get going with your kids on some (or all) or these ideas.  For all the Moms out there: maybe you need to print this out and hand it to Dad...*wink*

Happy Mother's Day to you from AHH! Products!

Yours Truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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