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The Twelve Days of Christmas in our Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day (25 December). Not just for the holidays, here are some ideas on how to use your AHH! Products bean bag chairs during the Yuletide as well as year round.

1) On the 1st day of Christmas - gathered around the Christmas tree in our bean bag chairs to be together and share gifts.

2) On the 2nd day of Christmas - the kids are in their bean bag chairs playing some of their new video games.

3) On the 3rd day of Christmas - we lined up our bean bags in front of the TV to watch one of our favorite holiday movies together - It's a Wonderful Life.

4) On the 4th day of Christmas - saw that our 2 cats and the dog were nestling in one of the bean bag chairs.

5) On the 5th day of Christmas - sent a bean bag chair over to one of our very pregnant girlfriends - Ahh! makes for a nicely conforming fit for any bodies shape!

6) On the 6th day of Christmas - got an email from our Holiday giveaway winner letting us know of her choice of the favorite bean bag chair to add to their household furnishings.

7) On the 7th day of Christmas - guests are coming for a gathering at the house. It is New Year's Eve! The bean bag chairs make for great extra seating and a cozy way to sit together.

8) On the 8th day of Christmas - It was a long night, so dragged one of our larger bean bags out to take a quick nap in the sun.

9) On the 9th day of Christmas - the kids are using the bean bag chairs to get comfy to work on some of their school holiday reading projects.

10) On the 10th day of Christmas - gave one of our bean bag chairs to a friend who broke an arm over the holidays - no more awkward positions for getting comfy.

11) On the11th day of Christmas - the bean bag chairs are moving around from room to room, all over the house. Thank goodness our bean bag chairs have washable covers and water resistant linings (bean bag chair product information)!

12) On the 12th day of Christmas - snuggled up with the kids to read a good book together. This is Twelfth Night for us and we have one more gift saved to share with each other since Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays, Safe Celebrations and Happy 2011 New Year to You All!
Guest Post by Lydia
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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