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Pastel Bean Bag Chairs Just in Time for Easter Gifts

Posted on Monday, 29 March 2010

Every year, the Easter Bunny leaves a goody-filled basket on my doorstep for my daughter to find.  So far, her belief has not waned.  Same goes for all of the other little kids in my neighborhood.

So, every year, about this time, all of us parents gather up as many pastel-colored toys and candies we can find at our local Target to surprise our children.  This alone is fun, but this year, we decided to have an Easter egg hunt, too.  Not only are we going to fill little pastel plastic eggs with candy, stickers, and temporary tattoos, but also have one super special egg with a gold chocolate egg inside. 

Whichever lucky duck finds that gold egg gets the biggest, most comfy pastel Easter egg ever!  Yes!  A bean bag chair!  Luckily, I own a bean bag chair company!  So, my neighbors get to choose from one of our Easter-colored pastel bean bag chairs - there's the Cuddle Soft in pink or light minty green or lavender.  Or, the Cuddle Bubble bean bag chair in baby blue or pink.  Not to mention the pink corduroy or pink organic cotton.  There's also pink or baby blue fleece bean bags. 

cuddleflatpink-ezr.jpg cuddlelightpastelgreen-bean-bags-ezr.jpg cuddleflatlavender-ezr.jpg  fleecepowderblue-ezr.jpg

My vote is for the pastel minty green.  It's screams Easter to me, for either boys or girls.

We're going to have the happiest kids around...give you any ideas?!!

Yours Truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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