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Organic Bean Bag Chairs are More Than Friendly

Posted on Sunday, 06 December 2009

When we, at AHH! Products, started offering our organic line of bean bag chair covers and bean bags, we were taking a bit of a risk.  We are the first beanbag chair manufacturer to offer a complete product line with the benefits of being organic.  We've seen hemp bean bag chairs, but even the hemp wasn't necessarily certified as organic.  And, although other areas such as clothing and food have seen an explosion in organic sales, consumers have not yet been on the lookout for organic furniture, certainly not bean bags.  But AHH! Products figures that furniture does touch your precious skin, so why not?

The great news for us is that the idea of organic bean bag chairs is starting to catch on.  There has been lots of interest in our organic bean bags, especially from parents.  Customers are asking for bright colors such as red, lime, and bright blue, in addition to the staple neutrals and black.  We hope our organic bean bag chairs will become as popular as our current product lines and will expand to more fabric varieties if possible.  We may look into prints to add to the solid colors, but we will wait to see how the current organic line does.  We actually like assessing what the marketplace lacks and fill the need with quality products.  The best part is that our organic bean bag chairs also fall under our awesome 10 year warranty and 365 day return policy, so the organic consumer has a lot to be excited about.

I was very happy to finally find an organic bean bag. These bean bags are not only super comfortable & stylish, they are eco-friendly as well.
Posted by Fierce Hugs Organic Baby on 12/06/2009 - 02:09 PM
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