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New Bean Bag Chairs Coming Soon

Posted on September 24, 2012
We've been busy around here pushing out orders for Back to School.  And, before we know it, the holidays will be right around the corner.  This is also the time when our fabric vendors start showing us lots of new fabrics from their product lines.  A last quarter push to get our fabric orders for the year!

We just got our hands on some super high-end, beautiful fabrics that, of course, we turned into gorgeous bean bag chairs!  And still machine-washable with water-repellent liners.  And, you guessed it, all covered under our 10 year warranty and 365 day return/exchange policy.

Not all of these are available to purchase online yet, but they are made, so if you want to beat the pack and order one of these styles now, just give us a call!  Otherwise, we should have these posted on our website in the next couple of weeks.  And, as always, request free fabric samples to see and feel these great fabrics.  That will help you choose, too, because we know you will want them all!

JUST GORGEOUS - soft chenille mixed with woven panels.  Burgundy, brown, tan. Super high-end for any top-notch living room.

WOVEN CIRCLES - thick, woven cotton. Black, brown, tan.  As pretty in person as in the picture!  Perfect for men and women with great taste.

CHENILLE SQUARES - soft cotton chenille. Copper-ish brown, wine, tan, black.  Simply beautiful.

SENSATIONAL STRIPES - woven cotton mixed with chenille stripes. Black, tan, gray.  Hubby will go bonkers over this one, if he has any sense at all!
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