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Holiday 2012 Decor: Skinny Christmas Trees and Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on Nov 7, 2012

I was listening to the radio today driving down the road and I heard something very interesting and kind of funny.  Apparently, for the 2012 holiday season, skinny Christmas trees are all the rage.  Yes, we are talking trees that were on a diet.  I remember, just last year even, that everyone wanted a fat tree, one that was so big it would take up the whole room if possible.  A tree enormous enough to be the envy of all the neighbors.  One that could hold a thousand lights, ornaments, and a big giant glowing star at the top.  This year, though, many people are opting for thinner, more discreet pine trees to celebrate the season.  They take up less space and I suppose could be considered stylish?  And I bet a skinny tree would do much better in bringing cheer to small city apartments, nursing homes, business lobbies, and perhaps even in every room of your house!  Imagine that!  A Christmas tree lighting up your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, and dining room as well as the family or living room!

skinny xmas tree and bean bags  +   holiday bean bag chair   = Warm, cozy, and ready for holiday 2012!

I thought to myself, hmmmm....this reminds me of something...of course!

Bean bag chairs are also awesome in small apartments and spaces, can bring joy to sometimes cheerless places like nursing homes and hospitals, and certainly can add comfort and style to every room of your home.  Choose holiday colors and/or prints and you have the perfect bean bag furniture to go alongside your skinny Christmas tree.  Red, green, Santas, you'll find all your holiday bean bag needs at Ahh Products!

You and your kids can sit in your bean bags admiring how fabulous, albeit thin, your tree is!

So, Charlie Brown, you may have been right all along choosing that little Christmas tree!  Now we just need to get you, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the gang some bean bag chairs!

Happy Christmas tree shopping to all!

Yours truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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