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Bean Bags at Best Playgrounds Part 2

Posted on Monday, 02 November 2009

As promised, I took my ahhprods.com bean bag chair to my local park and it was a blast!

This park is super colorful with rainbow-inspired play areas and fabulous running tracks.  I made it better with bean bags:
bean-bag-chair-track bean-bag-chair-track-2 bean-bag-chair-track-3

There's a great playhouse, but I made it better with bean bag chairs:


Twisty slides, bumpy slides, torpedo tube slides galore, I made them better with bean bags:
bean-bag-chair-slide-4.jpg  bean-bag-chair-slide-1.jpg  bean-bag-chair-slide-2.jpg 

Kids love the child-friendly "zip line", but I made it better with a bean bag chair:
bean-bag-chair-zip-2.jpg  bean-bag-chair-zip-3.jpg  bean-bag-chair-zip-4.jpg

And no more panic attacks watching my child traverse the monkey bars:
bean-bag-chair-hang-1.jpg  bean-bag-chair-hang-2.jpg

Climbing this rainbow was a whole lot safer and fun thanks to the bean bag:
bean-bag-chair-climb-1.jpg  bean-bag-chair-climb-2.jpg  bean-bag-chair-climb-4.jpg

The bean bag was an all-around great landing pad:

bean-bag-chair-jump-2.jpg  bean-bag-chair-jump-3.jpg  bean-bag-chair-kids-love.jpg

And let's not forget the swings:
bean-bag-chair-swing-3.jpg  bean-bag-chair-swing-1.jpg  bean-bag-chair-swing-4.jpg

Thanks to the bean bag chair, my kid had lots of fun and made new friends today!  Which seat would your child pick at the park..no contest!


My park, Clemyjontri in McLean, Virginia, is number 3 on a Best Playgrounds list, but I bet a million dollars if it was furnished with bean bags it would be numero UNO!  This may sound crazy, but the kids had so much fun with the bean bag chair that I'm going to bring it everytime we go!

Yours Truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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