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High-End Ahh! Bean Bags at Lowest Prices Ever

Posted January 08, 2013

If you have been eyeing that incredibly beautiful bean bag chair for a while now, but just couldn't get yourself to pay full price even though you fall asleep thinking about it every night... you are in luck!


For a very limited time, and I mean until we either run out or realized what we are doing, you can use coupon code 25Off-HiEnd-37Wide-Only to get $25 off the lowest published price of the 37" wide size on our website!  That means you can get up to a whopping $75 off some of our most beloved and truly luxurious bean bag styles in our best-selling size for kids and adults.  We're talking great stuff like super nice chenilles and other materials in prints and patterns that will knock your interior designer's socks off.  This is the time to give into your desires and go for it, because most of our high-end chairs are limited-edition and once they sell out, they're gone forever!  Why?  Because we simply cannot get that fabric for our suppliers anymore, we wish we could!


Sorry, there are some rules, but not many: cannot be combined with any other offer, cannot be applied to past orders, please remember that it's off only the 37" size!

Choose from these styles (click to shop):

Chenille Boxes
Delightful Dots (many colors)
Kinetic Energy (many colors)
Earthy Paisley Cotton
Just Gorgeous Cotton
Marina Stripes - Outdoor Cover
SALE! Autumn Leaves
SALE! French Provincial Cotton (many colors)
SALE! Harmony Cotton
SALE! Time Loop Cotton (many colors)
Sensational Stripes Cotton
Tan Striped Chenille
Woven Circles


Happy Saving!

Yours truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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