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Bean Bag Chairs - Unique Gift Ideas for All

Posted on Wednesday, 03 November 2010

The holidays are upon us again, with Halloween just finished and Christmas around the corner. They seem to come earlier and earlier every year!  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and we’re seeing holiday and Christmas gift ideas in every storefront and catalog.

Before you settle on that toy or gadget that will break or be hidden in the back of the closet by February, think about something useful, a unique gift idea... think about bean bag chairs!  From toddlers to the most sophisticated grown-up, bean bag chairs have proven themselves to be a hit with everyone. At AHH! Products, you can find the cutest bean bags, like race cars and puppies, to the most stylish, good enough for the most posh homes.

Bean bag furniture comes in more than that sticky, skin-UNfriendly vinyl of the past – you can find cozy fleece, fuzzy fur, upscale chenille fabrics, and many other high-end decorator materials you wouldn’t have ever guessed could be made into a bean bag chair. Think about it, how awesome would you feel to watch someone you love receive a big, beautiful bean bag chair that they can jump right into!  Expect some wide-eyed screams…and not only from your kids!

So if you need or want to find a unique gift idea for your kid, big or small, young or old, check out our bean bag chairs. We're happy to help with your selection and wish you all the most delightful of holiday seasons!

Yours truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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