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Bean Bag Chairs Help With Autism

Posted on Saturday, 11 June 2011

Autism.  We have all heard about it, but most of us don't know much.  In  the U.S., it is estimated that 1 out of 110 children are affected.  That's a staggering number of kids in our country alone!  Being a parent myself, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for children and their families affected by autism.  I can only hope that these families can find the support they need. 

I've always known that our bean bag chairs can offer kids a safe, soothing place of their own (see my  post "Bean Bag Chairs help Kids with ADD, ADHD and Autism".  Autistic children may find some level of comfort from our bean bags, so we have partnered with Autism Speaks to help support affected families.  Autism Speaks was established in 2005 by grandparents of an autistic child. Autism Speaks has become the U.S.'s largest autism support organization, with a goal of finding funds for research into causes, prevention, treatments, and hopefully a cure.  They also aim to raise awareness and offer support to those affected.

Autism is included in a group called autism spectrum disorders: ASD.  It is is a neuro-biological disorder that usually persists through a whole life-time. Autism has varied degrees of impairment with communication and socialization.  It is also manifested in repeated behaviors. The milder kind of autism is Asperger's Syndrome. Often, parents find that their child appears to be a bit different from a young age, and some parents notice a loss of skills after time.  Parents can have their children screened for autism, so don't hesitate if you have suspicions.

Contact Autism Speaks for more information, don't wait if you think your child may have autism!

Learn about how bean bag chairs can help parents and their autistic children.

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- the bean bag chairs lady
"Butts deserve bean bags"

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