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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids Playhouses

Posted on Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Hey, what about bean bag chairs in kids’ play houses?  I just had a club house installed in the backyard as part of a huge swing set for my kids.  There’s a top club house and a bottom club house directly beneath it.  So we were putting a few things to furnish it, rugs and little kiddy furniture.  But no one would sit in the hard and uncomfortable chairs.  So.... [light bulb]!

We put in a few of AHH! Products’ Ahh Spot small size bean bag chairs in the top and the bottom club houses and the kids went crazy over them.  They could move the bean bags around without denting the very expensive wood walls and stack them to make room when they needed extra.  Playing house was so much more fun with the bean bag chairs, especially since they could also lay on them, really relax and hang out.

The bean bags stayed relatively clean, but it wasn’t a big deal to wash the covers since ... Ahh Spots all have removable, washable bean bag covers.   And we parents also love them because we know they won’t accidentally hurt themselves by falling into or tripping over anything hard or sharp, which happened with the traditional chairs we originally put in the club house.

What a great idea!  Go try surprising your kids with some bean bag chairs or maybe just one bean bag in their play house, your kids will love them!  They’ll never expect to have such awesome kid’s furniture in their pretend house!

Note: Check out last week's blog post for additional Tips for Kids and Sizing Bean Bag Chairs.

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