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Bean Bag Chairs For Kids in Hospitals

Posted on Sunday, 10 October 2010

Did you know that only Ahh! Spot bean bag chairs have been approved to be used by kids in many well-known hospitals nationwide?  That's right!  I just approved another account for a Childrens' Hospital, so that they can offer our bean bags as seating for their young patients.  I'm so glad we can help all those folks out there providing comfort and a little bit of fun to ailing kids.

One particular Childrens' Hospital, which prefers to remain anonymous because they are so famous throughout the world, gets our bean bags on a repeat basis.  They told us our bean bags were the only ones that passed their very stringent safety and durability tests.  That's good news for us, but more importantly, good news for children who have been affected by serious illness and handicap.

High quality bean bag chairs are soft, comfortable, and can't be broken.  They don't have sharp edges or corners, and will mold to kids' bodies.  This offers a feeling of safety and soothes stressed out kids.  Bean bag chairs with washable covers are best and hold up to frequent washing in facilities where hygiene is an absolute must.  Vinyl bean bags are easy to clean as well, but they tend to not be skin-friendly and kids will stick to them and sweat in them.

So what kind of bean bags do hospitals go for?  The most popular are the bright colors in our Microfibres Velvet line, like marigold, purple, and red.  Our faux suede line is also popular, since the velvet and the faux suedes are breathable, washable, and stain-resistant upholstery fabrics.
So the next time you find yourself in a hospital, and the kid's area doesn't have bean bag chairs, mention us to the staff...they probably just haven't thought of it yet and will be happy to make their patients happy!

Yours truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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