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Bean Bag Chairs Accessories Are Fun Gift Ideas

Posted on Monday, 22 March 2010

It's pretty much common knowledge that bean bags are awesome for kids and adults, but what do you do after you've given the perfect bean bag chair already?  Give another one, of course!  But, if there's no space for bean bag #2, how about some bean bag accessories to make your experience the best it can be?

My first suggestion is a lap blanket.  Blankets that are big enough to cover at least your legs are great, since even during warm months when your air conditioner is blasting and you've got shorts on, you'll appreciate a little coziness!  And during freezing winter, a soft blanket will guard you from cold drafts blowing up where cold drafts don't belong!  Make sure the blanket is washable and coordinate it with your bean bag chair.  Try AHH! Products' washable fleece blankets, that come is a wide variety of colors.  There's even a discount if you buy a blanket with a bean bag chair.   Personalize your blanket for a special touch.

And how about matching pillows to go with your bean bag chairs?  Since pillows are accessories, you can even go with a contrasting color as an accent piece.  Again, washable pillow covers are the way to go.

Position your bean bag chair next to a low side table with a well-placed lamp to encourage reading, whether it be Macbeth for this week's English class assignment, or just to catch up on celebrity gossib with the latest US Weekly!  Come on, we all read that stuff sometimes right?!

So, grab a book and a drink.  Turn on your lamp and sit back on your bean bag chair with legs cocooned inside a blanket and head resting on a comfy pillow .  Now, ENJOY!

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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