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Back to School Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Excuse me, but where did Summer go?!  I cannot believe school is just a couple weeks away.  I went shopping at Target yesterday for school supplies, and I wasn't the only one that's for sure!  It was total chaos, but I managed to find everything on my daughter's 2nd grade list.  On my way to check out, I noticed dinky little bean bag chairs on the floor down one of the aisles packed with kids furniture and accessories.  Upon further investigation, let me just say that I was surprised how poorly crafted some bean bags can be...

I know it was Target, and not some fancy shmancy furniture store, but I was still expecting more in terms of quality.  I didn't notice them flying off the shelves, people kind of took a quick look, maybe picked it up to inspect, and then moved on.  These were the same Moms and Dads I just had the pleasure of perusing the school supply aisles with.  And then it hit me that back-to-school supplies aren't just #2 pencils and 3-ring binders.  It's also bean bag chairs!

Parents need to create environments that will encourage their children to use those pencils and binders.  And what better to study, work, and read than in a comfortable, cozy bean bag chair?  Right?!  You can set up a place in the house devoted to schoolwork by installing some easy-to-do things to a corner or nook.  Think bean bag, but also think small side table, a bright lamp, etc.  Look at my other post "How to Help Your Child Read" for more great ideas on how to get them to crack that book. 

P.S. Getting a bean bag chair personalized with your child's embroidered name will turn a great reading corner into a fabulously unique one custom-made just for them!   Personalized bean bag chairs are on sale now for a very limited time!
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