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Another Bean Bag Chair Giveaway!

Posted on November 13, 2012

Announcing another chance to win a free Ahh Products bean bag chair!  We have partnered with an awesome blog to offer our readers and their readers an opportunity to get a denim bean bag shipped to their door.  That's a $150 value!  The winner can choose from the dark blue jean, blue jean, or brick jean denim.  Of course, the prize comes with the washable cover, inner water-repellent liner, regular filler, and free shipping within the contiguous USA.

You can find the giveaway at 1plus1plus1equals1.net/.../the-best-seat-in-the-house/.  Ends November 20, 2012, so hurry and enter!

1+1+1=1 may not seem logical at first, and believe me, my first thought when I saw this blog title was "Huh? I don't understand".  But after reading and getting to know the owner and author of the blog, I totally understand.  Her name is Carisa and she has 3 kids - 2 adorable boys and a super cute little girl.  I imagine that those 3 kids are her life, and her family means everything to her.  So...1+1+1=1.  Get it?  I totally feel the same about my family.

1+1+1=1 is a blog about family, with a focus on education.  Carisa is an awesome homeschooling Mama who not only spends countless hours ensuring her kids are taught and brought up right, she also put in the time and effort to offer her readers tons of useful and interesting information.  We are proud to say that Carisa owns 3 of our bean bag chairs: two of our 37 inch Cuddle Softs (red and navy), and one of our 52 inch Cuddle Soft (brown).  She tells us that her kids not only sit on them, but use them as landing pads and jump on them while they play.  What a great testing ground for our products!  Although this kind of play does make the styrofoam filling inside compress faster which means more refill will be needed to plump them up, perhaps it's worth it to be able to allow your children to play freely.  Who wants their kids jumping into a hard wooden chair or on your best sofa?!  Carisa also says that her covers have washed really well and "still looks new".  Yay!

Don't forget, we also have a giveaway which ends December 15: enter now!  Win a free Santa Claus chair just in time for him to arrive and perhaps take a load off during his travels on Christmas Eve!  Other prizes include $10 and $25 certificates.

GOOD LUCK everyone!  And happy holidays!

Yours truly, Jade

Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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