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AHH Bean Bag Chairs Celebrates Earth Day 2010

Posted on Thursday, 22 April 2010
It's the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day today!  To celebrate the Earth and put Mother Nature on everyone's minds this week, we're taking $10 off our best-selling organic bean bag chairs.  Plus, take $10 off our best-selling Earth Day, Blue Garden, and Watercolor Butterflies bean bag chairs!  
Read about how AHH! Products is Green and let's get excited about Earth Week 2010!

Here are 10 easy ways you can be Eco-friendly this week:

1. Plant a tree, bush, vine, anything that will grow!
2. Add herbs or a vegetable plant to your existing flower bed to add color, smell, and something to eat!
3. If you don't recycle, try it just for today.  Extend it to the week.  Get used to it and extend it forever!
4. Take your kids to a botanical garden or park and get them excited about nature!
5. Go to the library or bookstore and get a book about nature, read it with loved ones on a picnic.
6. Go to a nearby stream or creek and clean up - there will be trash most likely!
7. Attend the Climate Rally on the National Mall and show you care: http://www.earthday.org/climaterally
8. Do an Earth Day craft with your family and give them as gifts to spread the love: http://holidays.kaboose.com/earth-day/
9. Donate what you can to an eco-friendly organization.  Find one at justgive.org
10. Gather all of your friends and throw an Earth Day party!  Instead of cookie exchange, everyone brings a plant to trade.  Use all green party supplies and recycle everything.  Have everyone donate to a We Love Earth jar and donate the proceeds to a green charity.  Hold a raffle and give away a planted pot of herbs (proceeds to charity).


Yours truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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