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A Love Affair: Bean Bags For Pets

Posted on Monday, 16 November 2009

Love is always in the air at my house. That's because I have 3 cuddly dogs. Add in a few well-placed bean bags for pets, and you've got a full-blown love affair. I probably don't have to tell you if you own a bean bag chair and have a dog or cat that there's no keeping them apart. Your kitty nests in it, your pup circles and does his digging thing in it. Heck, your ferret won't keep his teeny little paws off of it!

Animals have a natural instinct to nest. They need to create a sleeping area that feels safe and comfortable. My friend had a pregnant dog who wouldn't stop stealing sweaters, socks, and whatever knit thing she could get her mouth around to make a nest. I gave her a bean bag chair and problem solved! That mama dog was in love.

My theory is that bean bag chairs for pets are easy to "dig" in to some extent, since the filling inside can be moved around. This gives your pet the sensation of moving sticks and leaves around like his ancestors once did. I also think that my dogs like to be elevated too, since it's either the bean bags or my sofa or my bed. And, when the perfect depression is made in the center, the animal is perfectly cuddled and warm.

One of my dogs does something super cute - after he's done creating his nest, he sometimes gets out of it, does a complete circle around the bean bag as if to inspect his work, climbs back in and lays down belly up. He absolutely adores his bean bag!

Do you have any animals that do funny things with your bean bag chairs?  Tell us about your pets use bean bags.

Yours truly, Jade


Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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