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2011 Spring Color Trends for Bean Bag Chairs & Home Furnishings

Posted on Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Last Sunday was the first day of Spring, and I couldn't be happier!  The blooming daffodils and crocuses, budding trees, and longer days inspire me to be ready for this year's color trends.  Ahh bean bag chairs come in so many colors, so they are perfect for satisfying every 2011 trend!

According to Daniel Dykes' blog Fashionising.com, we are more than ready for more "uplifting" colors that "soften, energize, and excite."  There are five key color trends for this season: "celebration", "abstraction", "new classic", "aqueous", and "perleage" colors.

Celebration Palette:
These colors are inspired by flowers, such as the iris and geranium.  Bright purple, royal blue, cheerful yellow, and hot pink are, well, hot. Ahh bean bags like our purple velvet bean bag, royal blue cotton bean bag, yellow organic cotton bean bag, and hot pink cuddle soft bean bag are great examples of this palette.

Abstraction Palette:
Not an intuitive name for colors, so I can only guess why they are "abstract".  This palette includes slate blue, white, and burgundy. Choose slate velvet bean bags or burgundy fleece bean bags for this palette.

New Classic Palette:
According to Dyke, classic colors have evolved from boring to bright; such as pink and avocado.  I would venture to perhaps even include chartreuse, like our Shiny Delightful Dots bean bag.

Aqueous Palette:
H2O!  This water-inspired palette is cooling and calming.  White, baby blue, and aqua makes me feel like going for a sail...and bringing along a white cuddle soft or baby blue bean bag chair.

Perleage Palette:
My daughter, who loves sparkly anything, likes this one the best.  This palette boasts colors with a sheen, giving them luxuriousness (is that a word?).  Not too shiny, but just a hint of glimmer, like pearled cocoa, light gray, and black.  All of our velvet bean bag chairs fit this bill.
Dyke also touches on leather color trends for 2011.  Ahh Products does not offer real leather bean bags, but we do have a beautiful faux suede bean bag chair that looks and feels like the real deal.  2011 leather colors include classic tan, dark olive, and brown.  Check out our faux suede tan bean bags and faux suede dark olive bean bags.

Get a head start on this season's colors and outfit your home with some trend-happy Ahh products.  Buy bean bag chairs now!

Yours truly, Jade
Jade is the founder and CEO of Ahh! Products. Find her on

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