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2010 Interior Home Design Trends Part 3

Posted on Thursday, 03 June 2010

To finish off my 2010 interior home design report, I'd like to touch on a few trends worth noting: 

Slip Into Something Comfortable

Think simple, organic styling—Shaker updated or Asian remixed. Pure, organic shapes and a softening of existing shapes—bean bags fit this trend beautifully. Styling that is reminiscent of the earth from unfinished wood lamps to driftwood sculptures. 

Green Movement Sustained

Eco-friendly products from bamboo cabinetry to cork flooring. While it can cost more, consumers are getting greener and becoming more appreciative of the beauty this trend can bring to their home. For some it’s moved beyond a trend to a lifestyle choice.  You can find even find organic bean bag chairs now! 

Touch & Feel

Wood, stone, metal, and textiles—these textures and a myriad of combinations will increase in furnishings.  

Take It Indoors

Durable fabrics, like polyester and acrylic, regain some status. With their good color dyeability, light-fastness, soft hand and stain resistance they are coming in from the outdoors to add new style and dimension to fabric choices.

Opening Up the World

Even if you’ve never been on an airplane you can dress your home as if you’ve traveled the world. Patterns, textures, and materials from every compass point converge to influence style. Consumers have opened up to embrace the handicrafts and products of the world. Countries and regions currently injecting a heavy hand include France, Ireland, South America, the desert Southwest, Austria, Japan and Russia.  Take your first step and add exotic bean bag chairs to your decor!

Trading Formality for Functionality

The formal living room has been re-designed as a multi-purpose space for adults and kids to be together or maybe it’s now a game room, home office or the dream library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Whatever the case, due to changing family needs or downsizing, rooms are being reexamined for more than just one use. This trend will increase the supply of multi-functional pieces and smaller-scale furniture (think bean bags!).  

Now go mix up your interiors and have fun! 

Until Next Time, Tanya


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